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  1. Opinions on the forge update

    Needs to be on console. It's fun overall and I like the new UI.
  2. Petition for Forge on Consoles

    My bad, the initial announcement had stated that they would in fact release it on console but at a later date. I'm disappointed to now see that the Forge is not 100% confirmed for consoles.
  3. Petition for Forge on Consoles

    They said no such thing. It is coming to console, just not immediately. PC is easier to update. Be patient.
  4. The end of the video could relate back the the Metheus aspect. In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mankind. At the end of the trailer, Charlie absorbs energy/fire from the portal. It is white, much like the flame emitting from the torch depicted in the ancient mural from the Metheus puzzle (I think it was white, if my memory serves me correctly). Is Charlie who the Ancient Fuelweaver was referring to as Metheus? Perhaps.
  5. Maybe because the child turned into a shadow creature, the characters refer to him as "They" much like the shadows are referred to as "They" and "Them." Not too sure, coud be an error.
  6. [Game Update] - 124

    Yes. I tested out multiple existing worlds, just make sure the setting for events is set to default.
  7. [Game Update] - 124

    Are the drop rates for rare items increased? I feel as if I won't get any Elegants for this event and I'd appreciate the option to buy sets. PC has the steam market, and, well, we have only hope that we get good drops. Thanks for the update by the way Klei, the skins are all looking great!
  8. PSN+ Split Screen Woes

    Close the application and reopen it. If that doesn't work, turn the secondary controller off and turn it on before launching the game or after (on the main menu). If the controller is turned on during the cutscene it might freeze or give you a warning saying you can't play online.
  9. Thanks for clarifying, that's actually really interesting. Both characters came from our world, but now the question is WHO brought them there.
  10. My question was about the insulation of the beards, but yes, you do have a point.
  11. What about Woodie's beard? Webber's?
  12. What do you think the upcoming Warrior Skins will look like? What items do you think might get skins? I wouldn't want anymore skins for spears or torches. A warrior spider skin for Webber seems obvious, but that's all I can come up with.
  13. I believe the armor they are wearing are new forms of armor, not part of their skins. They did say they would introduce new weapons and such, but I hope they aren't exclusive to the event. Maybe if you beat the Boarrior you could be granted the crafting recipes? I agree with the WX idea, I've wanted something like that ever since I saw him in the strange new powers video.
  14. I presumed Charlie was of Chinese descent, given that she resided in San Francisco. It would be cool to have a character who isn't European and it would somewhat give Year of the Gobbler some relevance lore-wise.
  15. Agreed. Beefalos need a revamp, they are handy when trying to go across the map but they have no utility otherwise.
  16. Surface: Beefalos. They're an essential means of transportation on the surface, and there are a variety of different tendencies a Beefalo could possess. Now, this variety is great and appeals to different play-styles, however, I think adding a variety of tameable mobs would be even more appealing. Each one could have individual benefits and drawbacks: ridable Koalefants could have an increased speed, maybe an ability utilizing their trunks to stun nearby enemies (similar to a Beefalo horn, but the Koalefant lets out a call and the sound disorients surrounding mobs) with the tradeoff being lesser health than the Beefalo. Also, a tameable Ewecus could be cool too, it would have ranged snot attacks but a slower speed. As for new utility for tamed mobs, maybe we could get a new slot for them. I'm proposing a new slot that could be used for extra storage (bags or pouches strapped to the side of the tamed companion) or armor. Caves: I would appreciate some form of ridable mob that resides in the caves. Maybe a salamander, bear, cave cricket, centipede or beetle. These are things I thought might improve the diversity of the game, I would like to hear some ideas you may have about this. Thank you for reading, folks.
  17. Yeah, it would take away from the danger that is the caves.
  18. Don't Starve Historia

    Good point. I would like some clarity about the characters origins though, they're ambiguous and most of our knowledge comes from speculation. I mean, we still don't know much about the Ancients or even what Charlie's goal is. I'm hyped to see what Klei has in store for us.
  19. Don't Starve Historia

    Good theory, maybe the events could tie in to the lore of the characters. Hopefully they will, as it would be great to learn more about characters like Wolfgang or WX-78.
  20. Don't Starve Historia

    Wolfgang is strong, you know what else is strong? Deerclops. This confirms that Wolfgang is the offspring of Deerclops. Do you know who else has offspring? The MacTusk. Wolfgang has a MacTusk skin for the Hallowed Nights event... this concrete evidence proves that Deerclops is Wolfgang's biological father, and that he had an affair with a MacTusk. So, where does this fit in the timeline? I looked up "timeline" and I found a timeline regarding Ancient Egypt. This means that Wolfgang built the Pyramids of Giza, putting him at the very beginning of the Don't Starve timeline. He is the eldest of the cast, and he most likely has been in the throne before because of his old age. Additionally, he probably comes from England because he is voiced by a tuba and there are tubas in England.
  21. Don't Starve Historia

    This is nothing substantial, you're grabbing at straws. Flowers! Oh jeez, there are flowers in England, theory confirmed!!
  22. It does not cost $40,000 to release a patch. This number was from an article published in 2012. You are spreading fake news. I think the cost is way lower, or non-existent at all when it comes to independent developers. If it were that pricey to update a game, there would be no incentive to update at all. If there is a $40,000 pay-wall to update a game, I really think it would only apply to AAA developers like Bethesda or EA. If anything, Klei is taking a while to update consoles because of the approvement process; I've heard that Sony would take up to four months to update a particular EA game. (This information was from the developer himself in a livestream a year or two ago). There are many regulations when it comes to console, I remember Sony required that Klei implement achievements in the PS Don't Starve. This led to them making an exclusive console item called the Accomplishrine, it was a trophy that you could activate and when you reached somewhere around 700 activations it would grant you an achievement (and some confetti). The description of the item is pretty funny, I must admit.
  23. [Game Update] - 120

    In the post, it is mentioned how the Ancient Cane skin can be applied to the Lazy Explorer. I am not sure if this is correct, as I haven't been able to figure out how to acquire the skin(s). If anyone could clarify, it would be much appreciated. @JanH