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  1. Yes. I tested out multiple existing worlds, just make sure the setting for events is set to default.
  2. Are the drop rates for rare items increased? I feel as if I won't get any Elegants for this event and I'd appreciate the option to buy sets. PC has the steam market, and, well, we have only hope that we get good drops. Thanks for the update by the way Klei, the skins are all looking great!
  3. In the post, it is mentioned how the Ancient Cane skin can be applied to the Lazy Explorer. I am not sure if this is correct, as I haven't been able to figure out how to acquire the skin(s). If anyone could clarify, it would be much appreciated. @JanH
  4. Are you sure it's compatible with the console version? It strictly states to sign in through Steam, I'm not sure how the rewards would be distributed to a different platform.
  5. Been playing this amazing update for a while now, how do we access the ancient walking cane skin and the ancient chest skin? @JanH