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  1. My question was about the insulation of the beards, but yes, you do have a point.
  2. What about Woodie's beard? Webber's?
  3. What do you think the upcoming Warrior Skins will look like? What items do you think might get skins? I wouldn't want anymore skins for spears or torches. A warrior spider skin for Webber seems obvious, but that's all I can come up with.
  4. I believe the armor they are wearing are new forms of armor, not part of their skins. They did say they would introduce new weapons and such, but I hope they aren't exclusive to the event. Maybe if you beat the Boarrior you could be granted the crafting recipes? I agree with the WX idea, I've wanted something like that ever since I saw him in the strange new powers video.
  5. I presumed Charlie was of Chinese descent, given that she resided in San Francisco. It would be cool to have a character who isn't European and it would somewhat give Year of the Gobbler some relevance lore-wise.
  6. Agreed. Beefalos need a revamp, they are handy when trying to go across the map but they have no utility otherwise.
  7. Surface: Beefalos. They're an essential means of transportation on the surface, and there are a variety of different tendencies a Beefalo could possess. Now, this variety is great and appeals to different play-styles, however, I think adding a variety of tameable mobs would be even more appealing. Each one could have individual benefits and drawbacks: ridable Koalefants could have an increased speed, maybe an ability utilizing their trunks to stun nearby enemies (similar to a Beefalo horn, but the Koalefant lets out a call and the sound disorients surrounding mobs) with the tradeoff being lesser health than the Beefalo. Also, a tameable Ewecus could be cool too, it would have ranged snot attacks but a slower speed. As for new utility for tamed mobs, maybe we could get a new slot for them. I'm proposing a new slot that could be used for extra storage (bags or pouches strapped to the side of the tamed companion) or armor. Caves: I would appreciate some form of ridable mob that resides in the caves. Maybe a salamander, bear, cave cricket, centipede or beetle. These are things I thought might improve the diversity of the game, I would like to hear some ideas you may have about this. Thank you for reading, folks.
  8. Yeah, it would take away from the danger that is the caves.
  9. Don't Starve Historia

    Good point. I would like some clarity about the characters origins though, they're ambiguous and most of our knowledge comes from speculation. I mean, we still don't know much about the Ancients or even what Charlie's goal is. I'm hyped to see what Klei has in store for us.
  10. Don't Starve Historia

    Good theory, maybe the events could tie in to the lore of the characters. Hopefully they will, as it would be great to learn more about characters like Wolfgang or WX-78.
  11. Don't Starve Historia

    Wolfgang is strong, you know what else is strong? Deerclops. This confirms that Wolfgang is the offspring of Deerclops. Do you know who else has offspring? The MacTusk. Wolfgang has a MacTusk skin for the Hallowed Nights event... this concrete evidence proves that Deerclops is Wolfgang's biological father, and that he had an affair with a MacTusk. So, where does this fit in the timeline? I looked up "timeline" and I found a timeline regarding Ancient Egypt. This means that Wolfgang built the Pyramids of Giza, putting him at the very beginning of the Don't Starve timeline. He is the eldest of the cast, and he most likely has been in the throne before because of his old age. Additionally, he probably comes from England because he is voiced by a tuba and there are tubas in England.
  12. Don't Starve Historia

    This is nothing substantial, you're grabbing at straws. Flowers! Oh jeez, there are flowers in England, theory confirmed!!
  13. It does not cost $40,000 to release a patch. This number was from an article published in 2012. You are spreading fake news. I think the cost is way lower, or non-existent at all when it comes to independent developers. If it were that pricey to update a game, there would be no incentive to update at all. If there is a $40,000 pay-wall to update a game, I really think it would only apply to AAA developers like Bethesda or EA. If anything, Klei is taking a while to update consoles because of the approvement process; I've heard that Sony would take up to four months to update a particular EA game. (This information was from the developer himself in a livestream a year or two ago). There are many regulations when it comes to console, I remember Sony required that Klei implement achievements in the PS Don't Starve. This led to them making an exclusive console item called the Accomplishrine, it was a trophy that you could activate and when you reached somewhere around 700 activations it would grant you an achievement (and some confetti). The description of the item is pretty funny, I must admit.
  14. Events on PS4

  15. Events on PS4

    Last I checked, PS4 was not synonymous with PC.
  16. No Eyed Deer, New Spawn

    They only despawn if you have no structures built nearby. Whoever told you they don't grow their antlers back was probably affiliated with CNN. Additionally, the deer travel together so it would make sense for them to follow fellow deer.
  17. Is This Normal?

    Could be a world generation glitch, could be accidentally disabled in the settings. Weird.
  18. Is This Normal?

    They should be there, if not, maybe search again. Have you explored all of the desert(s)? All of the deciduous biomes? As for juicy berry bushes, they don't seem to be in every world, I am missing them despite having twiggy trees and grass gekkos.
  19. As we all know, last year we had a flurry of events towards the end of the year and into the new year. These are: Hallowed Nights, Winter's Feast and Year of the Rooster. Now, there is no doubt that these events will come back, but it begs the question: what new will come of them? I personally would like to see new skins, or perhaps new game mechanics for the repeating events. What new items/mechanics do you think they might add to these reoccurring events?
  20. Reoccurring Events

    I agree. Maybe a Thanksgiving, Easter and St. Patrick's Day event too.
  21. Reoccurring Events

    Oh, I want new pet skins also. Perhaps we could get new skins for Bunny Hutches, Pig Houses, Crockpots, Tents, Ice Boxes and maybe even new themed character skins (excluding the limited free Hallowed Nights skins). Holiday themed, of course.
  22. Methods for Herding Animals?

    No Eyed Deer are usually present during either Autumn or Winter, they should spawn around the deciduous biome. To capture them, simply hit one and chase them as they flee. As for the catcoon, I don't know how or why it died, but it may have been caused by a frog, pig, or something else you may have in your base.
  23. The PS4 forum is very inactive. I post here inquiring about PS4 too sometimes because of the sheer emptiness of the console forum.
  24. The current drop rate for elegant items on PS4 is too low, as I have only received one in my hundreds of hours playing since launch. This wouldn't be too much of a problem on PC due to their ability to buy/trade/sell specific skins on Steam. I have a few proposals to make the gift system feel more rewarding and less menial for both platforms as well as a proposal for a PS4/Xbox/Steam improvement. Overall Improvements: 1. Trade Inn - The Trade Inn could slightly increase it's chance at giving you an item that is of higher tier as opposed to the next tier. Example: Trading 9 Commons would now have a 3-5% greater chance at rewarding you with a Spiffy Item rather than the usual Classy item. 2. Decrease Chances of Duplicates - Make it so that duplicate skins are less common. Getting two of the same skirts twice in a row doesn't feel that rewarding. 3. Gift Stacking - Allow for players to obtain gifts without having to open their previous ones. This is especially problematic when you're in the Ruins or generally away from base and you have no means to open your gift. Stacking would encourage people to idle for gifts, so maybe this should be limited to two at a time. Opening multiple gifts would be fun and something to look forward to as opposed to the getting one gift and having to open it immediately. 4. Gift Giving - Players should have the ability to give/trade gifts with other players in game. Think Runescape, you could access the players "inventory" and choose items to give them and an item that you want in exchange (or no item at all.) This would work similarly, with players having the ability, upon consent, to view another players collection and either gifting them with an item or requesting to trade an item. 5. Objectives with Rewards - Every week, there would be a new set of objectives. These objectives, when completed, would reward you with a gift. These gifts could have a preset minimum rarity based on the difficulty of the objectives. Example Objectives: Spring Cleanup - Vanquish Two MeeseGeese KoalaHunt - Hunt and Defeat a Koalafant Over Easy - Successfully hatch a Tallbird Egg Reward: A Classy Tier Item or Higher PS4 Suggestion - Applicable to any console really, but there should be Gifts that you could buy in-game. Micro-transactions, yuck, but I feel like this is something that would please many players and increase the marketability of the game. Think about it, buying twenty gifts to do an unboxing video would without a doubt generate a new aspect of interest in the community. I also think this is a good idea because it gives us players a chance to give Klei our money, right now we only have the Klei Store and not everyone has the dough to buy Plushie Chesters or Winter Hats to support the devs. Making gifts purchasable grants accessibility to a plethora of players to throw their money at the Klei folks. It would allow people who usually don't have the proper money for buying merch on the site the ability to support Klei through purchasing Gifts on Steam/PS Store/Xbox Market. The gifts could have tier selections; a pack of 5 Commons would be cheaper than a pack of 5 Spiffys with a chance of Distinguished, for example. Thank you for listening.
  25. PS4 user here, I finally found the Atrium Biome but the ornate chests contain no loot. I decided to post here since you PC players have more experience with this update, that and the PS4 forum isn't very active. If anybody has a fix or a suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it.