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  1. [MOD REQUEST] Infinite Stalking Stick

    Now it's working! Thank you so much!
  2. As the title says, i want to make the stalking stick infinite like the walking cane. I searched the workshop and did not find any mod that makes this, and i have no idea how to mod, so if anyone wants to help i'll very happy. Also if theres is already a mod that makes this please tell me.
  3. [MOD REQUEST] Infinite Stalking Stick

    It crashed my game when I equip and unequip the stalking stick
  4. Crash in RoG world because of aporkalyple error

    Same bug with me, I have some mods enabled, but when i disabled the mods, the game didn't crash, but i couldn't attack any bosses/semibosses. Tried with treeguards, deerclops, voltgoats for some reason. And after this, i created a new wolrd and tried to spawn a treeguard to test, but i literally cleaned all my forests and had no treeguards spawned.
  5. [Game Update] - 346255

    Seems that this have buged some creatures, I can't attack treeguards, deerclops, sometimes voltgoats. Seems to be a problem with the dynamic music. Also, treeguards are not spawning in my wolrds.
  6. [MOD REQUEST] Infinite Stalking Stick

    Yeah, don't need to post it on the workshop! Thank you so much!
  7. Thunderbird becomes stunt just by atacking it after it relleases the lightning. And after killed, the overlay animation keeps freezed in the screen as if it stills there.
  8. So i host a server with some mods enabled and i play with 3 friends, thing is two of them can enter the server without problem, but the other one gets an error message saying that the server is running outdated mods, and the server admin must update the mods to new players can join, but the mods ARE updated. We did look the mods page on this friend's pc and the server ones he has installed are kind of messed up; they appear as "workshop 1721317823" (with ramdom numbers in each of them), and shows that there's updates, but it don't update them, so we're guessing that the problem is on this frined's mods and not in the server ones.