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Wullerd, the Astute

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Wullerd is a young pig who has recently decided to set out on his own. Despite his simple tongue and lack of experience, he is very perceptive of the world. Although highly innocent. Wullerd looks very similar to the other pigs but is significantly more thin and small, although he still is hunched over. He wears a kilt of grass, and is voiced by the lower tons of a trombone.

Functional Synopsis: Is a pig. Strong body, weak mind. Loves to eat and farm.


Health: 120

Hunger: 200

Sanity: 100 


Wullerd is a pig, and as such is great friends to pigs. The Pig King will give out more gold for trinkets if Wullerd is adjacent to him at the time, and Pig Guardians will not be hostile if Wullerd approaches them. If Wullerd is attacked, any pigs in the area will treat this as an attack against their kind and retaliate. Pigs will remain loyal to Wullerd for fifty percent longer then normal, and when allied to Wullerd they will be courageous and not panic during dusk and night. Wullerd also gaining more sanity while being around allied pigs, and a mild amount of sanity when near pigs in general. Finally, Wullerd is able to take refuge in pig houses during dusk and night to rest with the same benefits as a tent would give. Wullerd has a complete intolerance of monster meat, and will turn into a werepig if he eats it or there is a full moon. While in werepig form Wullerd retains all of his functional abilities but gains twenty percent more defense and thirty percent more attack power. He will rapidly lose hunger and sanity until reverting to normal at the next dawn or within several game hours.

Wullerd receives thirty percent less damage from attacks then the average survivor, but has slightly below average health. He also has below average sanity. Wullerd loses twenty five percent more sanity during dusk and fifty percent more during the night as well. Wullerd is scared of monsters, and loses twenty percent more sanity when around them; and fifty percent more when around spiders.

Wullerd loves to eat, having a large stomach his hunger drains ten percent faster then normal. He also gains a small amount of sanity each time he eats or plants anything.



Wullerd benefits from high defense with a slightly lower health pool. He also has lower sanity and significantly higher sanity drain, but uniquely regenerates sanity in ways normal survivors cannot. Wullerd receives various benefits from being an ally among pigs, but most notably is his ability to befriend them much more efficiently. Wullerd's werepig form has distinct combat benefits but rapidly will consume both sanity and hunger until they are completely gone, the form persisting for a set period of time causing the drain to be even more threatening.



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Just now, minespatch said:

I think MacTusk and Son have been around before Charlie took reign. So I don't think Charlie serenaded MacTusk... Though it's a ship that hasn't been explored yet.arielcasual shrug.png

<img class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-extension="core_Attachment" data-fileid="83979" src="//forums.kleicdn.com/monthly_2016_08/57a2a6fdf350d_arielcasualshrug.png.a442eaccc7d800078e23056c919d38e4.png" alt="arielcasual shrug.png"/>

They were around when Charlie first entered. Maybe the Shadows just didn't like that? Understandable :p

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On 4/4/2017 at 8:17 AM, DatShadowJK said:

Shouldn't Spiders make him lose sanity more, and if caught outside during Night and Dusk he would suffer more Sanity? Its just to balance out a bit. I'm guessing 75% Fine and 15% Die Mode

It is mentioned -  Wullerd loses twenty five percent more sanity during dusk and fifty percent more during the night as well. Wullerd is scared of monsters, and loses twenty percent more sanity when around them; and fifty percent more when around spiders -


On 4/4/2017 at 3:38 PM, Thieverpedia said:

Everything else seems fine, apart from sleeping in pig houses. Would they degrade, or would they be infinite? Would the current pig need to die for you to use it?

It would be infinite, regardless of whether the pig is alive or not. Just a subtle aspect to pair with his increased sanity drain, especially at dusk and night, that he doesn't have to dump resources into a tent he can just sleep in a pig house or build one near the base. Mostly because it would make sense that he would be able to.

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