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Best Don't Starve Moments

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I went insane to gather a bunch of Nightmare Fuel for a Shadow Manipulator, I was fighting a Crawling Horror and I realized it was getting close to night time so I went a bit closer to camp to resume the fight near camp and a Terror Beak had spawned there and I only had 16% armor left but I thought I could take them both on, I was doing fine but I kind of messed up and got smacked a couple of times so my armor got destroyed and I was down to 2hp, I kept avoiding the Terror Beak until daytime and grabbed some logs from my chest, I used a honey poultice while he was making his way around my camp's wall, refined some grass in my backpack and managed to create some armor while the Terror Beak stopped to roar so I was like "Ok, now I'm ready sucker!" and I managed to beat him just fine. How I ended up in that situation was quite a dumb error on my part but I felt quite proud after having survived a situation like that and it was one of my most tense moments yet in Don't Starve.

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