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  1. day 232

    oh god, I have no response- - - Updated - - - I want proof!!!!!
  2. [Cave Spoilers] I'm scared

    Imagine getting in the lowest level and u see him face to face Wilson will probably puke of his ugliness
  3. May 13th Build

    Same with me I never saw rocks on the floor after the earthquake strange but hopefully fixed soon
  4. We're Live!

    *tear rolls down eyeIts over D:
  5. Jumping spiders are insane!

    Its not impossible i destroy teir 3 nests without a sweat i have no problem with the jumping spiders
  6. I killed roughly twenty birds with my boomerang and ice staff and no krampus, probably gonna spawn it in
  7. The devs said that the steam version on mac and linux are being worked on you can play on the chrome one just fine if you have mac or linux
  8. Quick advice about winter and sanity

    Sleep in a sleeping bag or go on a spider killing spree and makea top hat
  9. Post your picture of the new set pieces

    Dude how the heck do you have 20 ice gems on day 3?
  10. The rabbit AI was a good feature and I learned a way to capture them, may post a thread on it later
  11. Stop complaining he is just making the HUD customizable so you can pick what size it would be
  12. I think they said something about the new HP buff?
  13. I was so happy when you said that kevin will let us have a customizable HUD because my opinon, the new one sucks!
  14. The smaller HUD is terrible which i hope is fixed later, also i like the new berry bushes and how you need to find the doorway to go to adventure mode.