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  1. Its not impossible i destroy teir 3 nests without a sweat i have no problem with the jumping spiders
  2. I killed roughly twenty birds with my boomerang and ice staff and no krampus, probably gonna spawn it in
  3. The devs said that the steam version on mac and linux are being worked on you can play on the chrome one just fine if you have mac or linux
  4. My best don't starve moment is buying the game (nothing ever good happens in my worlds)
  5. drop uncooked berries and when he is close enought YOU ATTACK!
  6. Kevin are you ever gonna add multiplayer because i know ALOT of people who want it
  7. Full game coming out in March, my birthday is in March! Im getting it for my b-day
  8. I would really like to buy the game on steam but I never actually used steam....... ever. So if someone could tell me how to buy it i would really be happy:-) Thanks!