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Theories about the ancient gateway?

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Musing on the Atrium Portal :

Geographically the Atrium portal makes little sense. The source of the nightmares is referenced to be the heart of the Ruins, and the nightmares spawn from fissures leading deep underground. It would not make sense for there to be a portal serving as the doorway to a location on the same physical plain, however that is a subjective choice of design. The significance of the portal lies in question because of this.

The Fuelweaver being more coherent at the portal does prove how significant it is, and it would justify why the Fuelweaver is even hostile to the survivors. The Fuelweaver questions nothing, and immediately becomes aggressive. Which could infer that he is assuming the survivors are trying to meddle with the safeguards the ancients put in place.

However, the Fuelweaver mentions just as the nightmare cycle hints to that They are coming regardless. So, that contradicts the idea that They need the survivors to do something for them like unlocking the portal, if They already will be freed on their own. Meaning the portal may not lead to Their domain. They also try consistently to kill the survivors, which would be hindering Their own plot if they needed the survivors to help them.

At this point, it is established that They and the shadows are different beings. The source of the nightmare fuel has been stated already to be in the heart of the ruins. The plot is currently at the Atrium Portal, but it seems illogical for there to be a portal to transport one between two areas on the same planet. From the Atrium to the heart, they could just build stairs. Although teleportation is an established ability the ancients had access to; so perhaps they just preferred to use it.

The Atrium Portal can then be assumed to either lead to the heart of the nightmares, the physical source of chaos, or perhaps Their world, the intellectual source of chaos. These can be expressly treated as two different locations now that we know the shadows, born of nightmare fuel, are not actually Them.

This could also justify why there is a contradiction. Some people believe They want the survivors to unlock the Atrium, in order to serve some unknown agenda They have. But this is contradicted by the fact that the shadows try to kill survivors. But now we know, the shadows are just nightmare fuel. The shadows may not be directly controlled by the Watcher, and may be powered by other stray sources of consciousness or energy like the heart. And so even though the Watcher is pro-nightmare, the nightmares may indirectly hinder Their desire to have the Atrium unlocked.

The nightmares may not even be the center of the plot, if they are simply just an obscure resource the ancients found deep within the earth. 

The real crux of the plot is who the Watcher(s) actually is and why They are so involved in this entire event. As They are now known to not be synonymous with the nightmare fuel, and it is simply a resource both the ancients and They interacted with. The idea of Them being an actual being and not just another nightmare could also explain why the Clockworks are so unlike the ancients other creations. Perhaps the Clockworks were Their army, as currently the Clockworks are a huge anomaly in the plot.

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Maybe it's like the teleportato? Probably not. But It Explodes. So Uhh what else If something explodes what other purpose would it serve afterhand, like let's say you have a cake, You eat it, What else do you do with it afterhand, It may have not been the best analogy but what I'm trying to get at is a single use thing probably wouldn't have a different second use purpose. They said that "Charlie was trying to lure you there, but we don't know why." or something like that, so Charlie (The supreme grandmaster of everything evil, well except griefers.) put everything into place to lure you into a trap, this is also backed up by Maxwell's quote on the 4th mural, "I know why you led me here." My interpretation is that the fuelweaver is the method of executing you, after you're trapped. But is the Ancient fuelweaver really trying to help? Although he is dark and twisted and trying to kill you, He does know the consequences, as implied he "oversaw?" the rise and fall of the ancient civilization. But after she's led you there what is she trying to do? Is the ancient fuelweaver not Charlie's Trap? But something required to happen before she can "Experiment" on you, just like how the you use the teleportato to teleport between worlds. Also is Charlie actually in control, or is she a puppet like Maxwell was, as Maxwell created Tallbirds and other creatures (Excluding merms) Charlie created the Bee Queen and Toadstool, but Maxwell was bound to the throne and limited, Charlie on the other hand is much more free, like look on how the edited the throne room, Is she in control of the creatures or are they in control of her. Also in the same cinematic when she removes Wilson from the throne, she doesn't seem too guilty. TL;DR: I think that Charlie has something else in stock and the ancient gateway is channeling something dark, not teleporting something to other places

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5 hours ago, Quoth143 said:

It might be like a stargate and leads to different worlds, though my hope is that it leads to the moon. 

There seems to be a lot of moon related material in the game so far. I wouldn't be surprised if the creators have something in mind with all the moon technology.

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