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What happens if my filtration medium is depleted?

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We used sand as filtration medium but what if all my sand is depleted? 
What other options are there? im on cycle 98 now and i got 173kg left, but theres a few areas i can still clear out.


It worries me a lot since i need to filter contaminated water out and thats my resource for virtually anything


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But i have tons of different kinds of rock, why am I not able to just smash some rocks into sand, some crusher machine.
I could use a drill and that will save me a big of digging and then that mightturn rocks into sand? 

I guess boiling water is interesting enough, i never thought of that and its so obvious...

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4 hours ago, Heavenfall said:

Some people have had success with local battery farm steam tanks. Personally I couldn't get it to work.

Not really I have yet to see a post of an effective setup. There were several of us who certainly tried to build one but even right next to 900 degrees generator the water stays 35 degrees.

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6 minutes ago, Vilda said:

Nice, does it produce the steam in reasonable time? And how's the condensation on the other end?

I'm not sure how to define reasonable. I have a CO2 scrubber running full time, but the CO2 is cleared out of my base at this point, so water only gets pumped in sporadically.

The condensation works okay, but it could be better. It seems to work on a cycle. At the start, the chamber is cool and low pressure. The vent releases steam, which causes the rest of the gas in the condensation chamber to heat up and expand. The pressure in the chamber shuts off the vent with the "overpressurization" message. The steam turns to water once it gets below 100C, which happens pretty quickly. It takes maybe, 10 to 30 seconds for the rest of the gasses to cool enough to drop the pressure and allow the vent to work again. I tried experimenting with added the vertical slots to the ceiling to increase the surface area in the hope of cooling the gas faster, and it seems like it helped, but I didn't time it, so I'm not sure if it did.

I was thinking about routing the hot steam through a series of thermal regulaters before dropping it into the condensation chamber to see if that helped reduce the timing at all.

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6 hours ago, Saturnus said:

Use copper mesh floor tiles to maximize surface area for condensation.

He might be onto something here, we've been dribbling water onto INSULATED TILES which doesn't conduct much heat at all. Air doesn't conduct heat well, so perhaps highly conductive tile materials will do it?

Edit: will test this when i have time

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