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  1. I had the same problem Mypost Did you try enabling autoharvest and then reload? For my mealwood reload did work, but only wih first fewbites ( i saw this drecko take three before i disabled autoharvest, then he didnt seem to touch it again)
  2. My drecko's are not eating my Mealwoods plants, its even so bad that they are just starving while these plants are there. I decided to reload my game and after restart they immidiatly ate, so there IS something not functioning properly. Screenshot shows how the stables looked. At first dreckos were in the stables with poorly growing plants, they were starving Then i removed the door to replace with a pneumatic door, so they had to be wrangled and be relocated in the stables again. They were still starving. It might had something to do with my disabling and enabling Autoharvest. I would like for autoharvest to be off for these plants so the dreckos can just keep eating them, but I have the idea that with Autoharvest off, the dreckos also skip eating the plants.
  3. Version208689 Started new game on 18/3 I have two levels, One with two mechanized doors both state Closed. The other level below that has two pneumatic doors, both with state closed. As you can see in the navigation of the dupes. They avoid the upper level, navigation doesnt go through those doors. The pneumatic doors on the other hand, are not recognized as being in state : Closed. Dupes still wait infront of the door until its opened someday, even if theyre suffocating, nothing withholds them from going through this closed door.
  4. I had this super helpful puffer creature, to clean out contaminated oxygen, i was all happy with it! Then i loaded my game again and its just gone. I cant recall it accidentally killing it. Bring my baby back to me
  5. I reloaded a game which had harvests pending, but im not able to cancel the harvests in the reloaded game It seems hardto harvest still. I notice a small change, it getting a bit more attention but still priority 9 harvest takes rly long ALso: I cant seem to prioritze the plants or view the priority number in Priority overlay. The plant boxes are one of the few which doesnt have a number on it, but if you select it indiviually you can give t a priority
  6. Please choose a category *[Gameplay] Platform * PC Steam Do you use mods? no Version Number *CL#207368 Issue title I had this basin with contaminated water and the pump wasnt pumping cause of lack of water. Then i pinched a chamber with water from above, that water fell in the basin and gathered in the basin except where the pump was. I assume deconstructing the pump might work, but this one tile vacuum in my water is just a bit odd. (removing the pump did not fix this) The pump isnt pumping either.... but all around it is water This is how it looks after removing tiles and the pump Steps to reproduce build a basin just as above, have a pump in it and a layer of contaminated water, then fill the basing from water which falls in the basin Describe your issue
  7. I had this dupe which was in the medical cot, while i got a message he was relieving stress and broke a building. I dont know if he broke the building right next to the cot, but shouldnt he be sick in bed? They also go destructive when they are on the massage table, my dupe had a red bar when on the massagetable but no building nearby were destructable or hey were also destroyed
  8. I had this dupe which was in the medical cot, while i got a message he was relieving stress and broke a building. I dont know if he broke the building right next to the cot, but shouldnt he be sick in bed?
  9. The quality of the Morb is a lot lower then the rest. I really like those new animations btw.
  10. When i assign a dupe during the night to a table, they get interrupted sleep, but go to bed straight away. Maybe set the assignments of tables and cots to not interrupt sleep?
  11. build 207390 I had a situation where i reloaded my game, Cass was owner of the massage table and was maybe just about or alreayd getting a massage when the night started. The massage table started the animation but Cass already went to bed instead, leaving it empty Cycle 52 Cycle 55.sav Cycle 52 Cycle 54.sav
  12. Dev build 207390 or 207380 ?( did it change today/did i read it wrong?? ive been playing 16 hours a day... sorry) Cancel, Like cancel Dig orders, does not work on Plant boxes. I had an issue where i accidently dug up all the plant boxes, i tried to cancel it by using C and then drag but that didnt work. The check box option for dig orders also didnt work, i had to cancel dig up option in the tooltip for eachplant box. Audio If u click The message : New duplicants are ready, u will see the duplicents available but the audio changes to extra audio tracks playing. I had the one which is standard gameplay, the main menu one and the duplicant select background music playign at the same time. This didnt happen each time, maybe try to click it during night or daytime. Bleachstone slowly dissapearing and a note about bleachstone This might be intended, but when gather bleachstone for the sanitizer, which is hard enough as it is. When i get my 50kg and i am making some space or reorganizng other things, once i want to put it down, the bleachstone has been used on i have no idea what. Then i need to gather bleachstone AGAIN to actually build the sanitizer. Before devbuild 207390, it seemed the sanitzer didnt need to be refilled with resources, I absolutly loved that!. Hand sanitizer has been a pain in the butt since the start. Graphic Dupes are misplaced, when entering the medical Cot Broken Buildings Could be me but i had a few broken buildings, and when i reloaded my game everything was working again. But i Didnt repair them (not completly sure tho) Reproduce: Have 5 stressed destructive dupes at 100%, destroy about 5 of your algea detoxizer and 5 manual generators ( i think at least 3 were broken, then save as game and then load game. Heres jack now next to a fixed algea detoxizer(see image) Dev Build 207380 Stats increase bugged In this last build you get tinkering skill for almost everything but your other skills dont increase such as cooking, creativity, digging, i have no idea if thats good or bad, if the dupes still have the skill but its not showing anywhere.. In cycle 50 only althletics is 13, my highest, and i get tinkering skill upthe rest hasnt changed at all or much, its the stats they came with i think. It just says in the tooltip of Jobs that tinkering means how good you are with the compost and that doesnt really quality as anything to me. On the other hand, if you use machines your tinkering goes up, but that skill isnt in the Jobs section. Just got another skill up in tinkering for running on the manual generator. Which used to give athletics skill up... which imo was better. Suggestion: Maybe its better if Skill increase isnt sped up when u play in Fast Speed game time. I usually miss the events, ofcourse theres the message box which show what happened... Gas filters/Liqui filters dont remember the Output state ( i thought a known issue) After reload the gas filters need to have their output selected again Game crashed Game crashed randomly at cycle 52. Id like to give a crash report, but i cant find the post which explains that. Nothing particulary strange was going on, it was going very well actually. Main Menu Resume Save title The title for Resume, for example The Messy Colony, Cycle 52 but Im actually on cycle 53. So the info in main menu Resume isnt correct.
  13. 1 Graphic problem Air Electrolyzer freezes in its animation when disabled when its bubbling. Reproduce: HAve air electrolyzer, disable it when the bubbles are up 2 Bug Stressed Dupe Had a bug where Blanche was about to Lash out but i put my Algea Doxyizer behind a Closed Pneumatic Door, safe from harm. Blanch didnt agree and waited for the door with a food icon, eventually she went starving. There was no food behind the door, but there was a refrigerator in front of it i think, not the tile she was on. When i openend the door, nothin happened realy, she didnt even wreck the machines at that time. Reproduce: HAve a stressed Destructive dupe, and put an Algea detoxyzer behind a pneumatic door, in a lowly decorated area. 3 Graphic problem when Dupes are assigned to the Medicinical Cot they are not place on the center of the bed 4 Bug Hand Sanitation The description reads thats the dupes only use hand sanitization before a meal, but i caught a dupe twice to use it before going to the toilet.
  14. Build 206776 On of my Dupes got Diarehea, when that happens you also see a floating text. The floating text for me had <style> tag in it, it went by pretty fast so i couldnt make a screenshot. Alertmessage "Braynen was infected with Diarrhea by eating a Mush Bar" Screensht shows her stats
  15. Build206776 Problem: Permeable Tile isnt finished after few cycles. I had this normal tile which i replaced with a Permeable tile. After a few cycles this tile is still not finished, but it has been stuck on a full yellow construction bar for a while. The priority of the tile is set to 9 Under the tile are an electral wire and an unbuild gaspipe. The dupe kept working on it without finishing it, skipping his sleep and dinner... The most curious i can find is that it says dig pending in the tooltip