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  1. I watched a little more carefully and it is working correctly for the surrounding air but the machine's temperature will get insanely cold to the point the surrounding air begins to be affected.
  2. Occasionally, if lucky, it'll freeze the surrounding CO2.
  3. Hydrofans seem to occasionally bug out when disabled and reenabled and not have a dupe tend to it, even if it's priority supersedes any other task. Massage Tables seem to act similarly but less often emulate the same bug when dupes come and go, sometimes not even bugging out at all.
  4. The priority level is to set how urgently the decor should be sculpted or painted. After that it's useless.
  5. I presume the fallen materials are shunted upwards and might be embedded in the natural ceiling. Regardless, the game should notice it can't place materials in something else and attempt to drop it on any free (random) sides.
  6. I'm not sure if this is intended but gasses seem to have a hard time transferring their heat to liquids or something I'm inherently doing wrong. And this was a design I was using to heat up water and I did reach gas heat around 200C at one point (somehow) and yet water in the area wouldn't heat up as fast as I'd expected. It'd float around it's 40-50's it was and slowly climb but not as fast as I would expect. Occasionally, if I got lucky, steam would spontaneously be created but not as aggressive as I'd expect.
  7. I've noticed the same thing. When building a liquid cooled, insulated battery tower that was producing gas heat upwards to 200C, liquids in the pipe didn't rise at all when in a radiator configuration (side to side across the batteries)
  8. The Gas Pump seems to act in a very frustrating manor particularly when it doesn't want to shunt gas into the ductwork or complains about the lack of gas in a room that is obviously filled with gas, particularly applying to setups where a room is set aside with electrolyzers and a pump to filter hydrogen out.