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  1. Version v1


    You can now craft using ingredients inside any opened container (chester, chests, crockpot and so on). Compatible with RoG and without it.
  2. All those are intentional downsides. They are what gives the summons character. Make them more than just fighting machines. Why do you want to remove them?
  3. It should equip the spear for you, then run over and give it to the skeleton. I checked that it works in the latest version. Probably a mod compatability issue.
  4. Specs are the same. Which weapon are you giving it? Some weapons are limited, such as nightmare sword because the skeleton doesn't have sanity to use it.
  5. It should, but it might look odd.
  6. Your daytime is exactly the same. Dawn has a sanity penalty because dusk does.
  7. Most likely yes, but maybe no. If those mods have new items, they won't get RPG effects from this mod.
  8. Probably not working at the same time as some other mod you have enabled.
  9. Try googling how to extract a rar file.
  10. There's a newer version out, not sure what it's called but try updating.
  11. I'm thinking about having a koalefant pet follow you around as sanity booster. Not sure yet, though.
  12. Are you running the latest version of the game without the DLC?
  13. I think the same version should work. If it doesn't, then no.
  14. No, too much work for a very niche request. Sorry.