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Don't Art (Magicphobic)

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I want to start an Art Thread on here for my DS artwork. To Start it off I'm just gonna put some older artwork here in no particular order with some commentary. I mostly draw Wilson but I'm looking to branch out into other characters. (Mainly just drawing Wilson cause as you can see I can't pick an art style for Don't Starve artwork.)

Warning: I'm a bit of an edge lord so some artwork may be Dark, Morbid, Violent and/or Contain Blood/Mild Gore. (Nothing NSFW)

Also, Mild SFW Ship art.

My Don't Starve Tumblr: http://dontstarvealone.tumblr.com/


My friend wouldn't play unless I drew Webber for him.


Drew this "Shadow" Wilson before the skin was a thing. Edgy, I know. (edit: THIS GOT FEATURED IN THE STREAM. )


A really bad portrait of Wilson


Oh look, more edge!


My first ever drawing of Wilson/First DS Fanart


2nd attempt, better style


Tried to do the official style.


Doodles in a notebook in school.


Panel from an inside joke Comic with a friend. I just like how they turned out in this last panel.


What is art style?


Another sketch of that shadow design.

Chapter 1 Page 1.png

Page of a comic I gave up on pretty quickly following my head canons and the original base game lore.

wilson meme .jpg

Photo edit I did of the Cyclone Comic, this image can also be found in the thread: "Maxwell Memes: The Sequel."


Edit: I almost forgot to include this which is my fave art I've done so far, and it's ship art for Wilson and Wes cause I ship them... Shame it's a bit of a smaller unpopular ship. (The main one on tumblr seems to be the good ol' MaxWil...which I also ship.)


And that's it! From here on out only posting fresh artwork!



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1 minute ago, minespatch said:

Eeey, congrats on making a thread. The art you've shown is a good impression. Looking forward to what you have cooking up. :wilson_goodjob:

Thanks! :)

I'm currently sketching as we speak which is kinda why I decided upon making the thread. Will have what I'm currently doing uploaded here as well when it's done.

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Here's some sketches I did. I can't choose an art style at all. Help.

wil sketch 1.pngwil sketch 2.pngwil sketch 3.png

A few things to note: It's been forever since I did fanart so my art has improved drastically from the "old" art I shared in the starting post as you can tell. Also these were drawn digitally, even though they look traditional and scanned. I have a pencil like brush.

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18 minutes ago, DragonMage156 said:

Eyy, these are really good! I like both styles. And that short comic XD

These aren't edgy. Well not to me atleast and that Webber is adorable! ^_^

Are there any other ships you like?

Haha, thanks! The comic was something I might pick up again someday but it was really more of a test more than anything. Also I consider anything with blood edgy so >.> Lol. Also my friend would agree on Webber, he specifically asked for "Webber being adorable with a flower crown."

As for ships, Wilson and Wes would have to be my OTP, but I've also fallen into the ever so popular shipping of Wilson and Maxwell, as well as Shipping Wilson with Willow too. I'm a bit of a multi-shipper. 

I also ship the Canon of Charlie and Maxwell/William, Wigfrid and Wes, Woodie and Wes,  and Wendy with Webber, just to name a few. There's not a lot of stuff I don't ship since I'm multi. Something has to be like a clear problematic/wrong ship for me not to ship it lol.

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Hey, some of those are the ones I like. Willowson is my DS OTP ^_^ As well as Wesfrid (since I love Wigfrid (and Wes recently)). Wendy and Webber are cute too! Oh, and don't forget Maxlie/Charliam (I think that second one is right. I don't think there is a ship name for William). Woodie and Lucy is canon as well.

I'm mostly a straight shipper but I won't hate on anyone who's OTP isn't so don't worry :)

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guess ill starve text.png

While quoting the "Guess I'll Die" meme a lot today the topic came up about me being too lazy to cook a meal, so I ended up saying "Guess I'll starve." and then this hit me.

Here's a blank one for free use if anyone wants to meme with it. (As long as you don't state claim to the artwork of course)

guess ill starve.png

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Okay I just made an account just for this thread! BUT OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH DS! I ship Maxwell/William, because I mostly do gay shippings? It is what it is, yeah but sign me uuuuup!!!

Sorry that one drawing of Wilson is kinda edgy. ~[° v °]~






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42 minutes ago, Foxame said:

Okay I just made an account just for this thread! BUT OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH DS! I ship Maxwell/William, because I mostly do gay shippings? It is what it is, yeah but sign me uuuuup!!!

Sorry that one drawing of Wilson is kinda edgy. ~[° v °]~

Would you mind making a thread for your art alone? It's nice you're just starting out but it's best you post in your own thread. I'll be delighted to follow your thread.:wilson_dorky:

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Hey, I'm back again for a bit. It's been awhile. Looks like I missed some small excitement while I was gone, haha. ;)

Anyway, I recently played DST again, it's been a long time since I last played, and drew some artwork of Shadow Wes, since I bought his outfit off the steam market when I played again with my friend yesterday.

shadow wes.png

And here's the picture without the glasses cause I always draw eyes and face on one layer and then put the glasses on another layer over it to add opacity and make them look like more realistic glasses.

shadow wes no glasses.png

And finally here's a small doodle (sorta canon art style) from trying to get the flow for the outfit and the hair and stuff.

shadow wes doodle.png

Cheers! :wilson_smile:


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Just now, minespatch said:

I never left. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing how your art looks like now.

Are you going to be working on a signature like your signature says?

I really should make myself a signature... no ideas what to put on it though lol

Just doing some warm up art and stuff to get back into the swing of the characters and world. Almost done with my newest doodle. :)

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