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(How odd that my persona's name is different in Ysul's post :p )

Ria stood up. Ysul's tail wrapped around her ankle for a moment before loosening up. She looked down at Ysul and smiled. "Y'know... maybe I should stay here till Ysul wakes up" she said to the others "I'm not strong enough to carry him anywhere and I don't wanna leave him here alone, especially if he's sleeping. You guys go on ahead"

(We'll never know what's on that mountain. Although I don't think Battal or Mezukie will mind if I try to come up with my own thing).

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"Well maybe something on that mountain can help us" Ria said. She glanced at Ysul who was still sleeping... or in a coma. "It probably isn't a good idea for us to stay here if we're trying to get back. It's probably in best interest for Ysul too since he's in a low defense state..."

Ria attempted to lift Ysul and carry him on her back but she had great difficulty doing so and barely took a step before falling to the floor. It wasn't so much his weight as much her weakness. "*Muffled* I'm ok!... Just give me a minute while you choose a new leader"

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"Well, if 'e's gonna sleep, we should totally just leave him because an unknown area with which we have little to not known knowlege about where there's most likely no protection." Pyro looked at the others, they probably weren't fine with the sarcastic comment. "I'll just... drag 'em.. I guess." And with some grunting and sounds that sounded like cracking between joints that had been idle, Pyro had picked up a very heavy dragon. "Man, who knew something that weighs tons could be heavy, am I right?"

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"(Huff) I'd leave him here if there was the slightest bit of grass but since I see nothing but rocks and snow, I can't leave him. Plus it too cold and I care about him a lot..."

"Ok let's go"

They went out of the cave and towards the bridge, leading to the mountains.

(And I have no idea what to do next since this was all Mezukie's idea XD )

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(Woops, I should have specified whyen I mentioned that. According to Battal, she doesn't really remember anymore.)


Mez planned the whole mountain thing, I have no clue what's there.
Well she doesn't remember, so do whatever you like).

(Sorry Mines ^^; )

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