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  1. As they exited into the light, the brief change blinded them before the picture before them came into view. They saw clouds going out in every directions. In the distance, they see a mountain, covered with interconnected ledges and caves. Houses where made into the mountain as well as some hanging down or built up. A bridge connecting the path near you to the ledge besides a cave on the other mountain, swaying in the light wind.
  2. As Ysuleah runs past a particularly old-looking and battered door, they feel a strange sort of...pull radiating from it. It starts to intensify, to the point where it's dragging them in. They manage to read the door's label before getting sucked through; "MOUNTAIN" Ysuleah fall down onto the cold, rock floor. they were in a cave, behind them was an etched in door while in front was a tunnel that seemed to have some bright light peeking around the corner, illuminating the cave.
  3. They looked over at the table, huh that did look tasty! They quickly ran over and touched one of the plates before lifting it up and dumping the content in their mouth...This was.. Very sour. Eugh! Why would you eat that!??! It literally said "Very sour" on the plate!" "Well I just thought..You know food and....I was hungry," they said before pushing the food off their tongue and onto the plate. I know we're hungry, we're the same person. Maybe go for something more pedestrian? "Ok," they started to chew on the plate. I give up. "Yes, what do you need, monsieur?" one of the spider looked up at the new person as the others continued about cooking and moving the meals to the long tables The bathroom Zena walks into is shocking. Horrifying. Nightmarish. As in it's just a normal bathroom. Ysuleah walks into a long hallway, which stretches off far into the distance. It is lined with hundreds of doors, each one with a different design, look, and handle. They're all labeled with various words and phrases.
  4. “TV did teach me something!” They then tried to do a back flip but only managed to fall on the ground. "Could you be a bit more careful while I'm stuck in here?" They raise their hands up “Nope,”. They mentally sigh. "Really Mez?". “Yes,” They rolled around, giggling. " -.- " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bones, Ysuleah, and Mobbington step into the kitchen, and are greeted with a rather strange sight. The kitchen itself wasn't too special; just an island with a counter wrapping around the walls, completed with various appliances. But that wasn't the noteworthy thing. Spider webs littered throughout the kitchen, though seemingly in an orderly manner. Of course that wasn’t what caught anyones attention. Small spiders seemed to be maneuvering a regular spatula at the oven, cooking in a frying pan. As others used the webs to chop up celery at the cutting table. Each spider having a tiny chef hat on except for one, which showed they were the head chef.
  5. Mezzals' eyes fluttered open and they stared at the ceiling above them. 'Huh?! What's going on? What happened? Last I remember was...' They try to sit up. They...can't? They try to look around. Their eyes don't move. They flail their arms. They stay completely still. 'What's happened to me?!?'. They slowly sat up and scanned the room. “What do you mean what’s happened..?”. They freak out as their arms and body move on their own, out of nowhere. Despite not speaking, they talk. 'Isn't it pretty obvious what I mean? Who are you even?'. They got up, stretching as the floor wasn’t good for their back. “I don’t know, but where are you?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The group seems to be in a huge entrance hall, stretching for at least two hundred feet to a large staircase to the second floor. There is a thin, fountain-like pool running through the middle of the room, along with a few banquet tables covered in all sorts of foods. Hamburgers, fried chicken, calamari, spring rolls, basically any food imaginable is on the tables.
  6. There were rumors of a house that wouldn’t open to anyone, yet people say they could see others inside. Always different people and only could catch glimpses of movement. This of course lead to more rumors. If you went into a room and forgot why, it was trying to lead you inside. If you wonder from room to room absent minded, it called to you from the outside. These are of course rumors. And of course, you will find out the truth. ~~~ Case number 1: Case number 2: Case number 3: Case number 4: Case number 5: Case number 6: Case number 7: ~~~ As @Paxtonnnn walked into the main room, they realized it wasn’t their destination they had planned. The front door shut, and nothing could be seen through the stain windows. It was as if the house tricked you into coming here. But, of course, that’s preposterous as it is simply a house. Looking around there was other people in the room, seemingly knocked out. Now’s your chance to rob them! Oh no wait, they are waking up.