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Wendy and Abigail


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Ok so I started on a very early rough draft of Willow.

So I tried drawing her hair in the original exaggerated style and it somehow looked a little weird with the style that I'm using.

So I decided to modify it to this style.

Wanted to know what you guys think? Does this hairstyle still look similar enough?


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From the angle she's at, some gravity would take effect on the hair (unless its actually the camera that's tilted.) Also definately more shading is needed to put more depth into the image. I'll try to fine tune the description if needed once I get back on my laptop.

Looks good so far. :)

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Well as I said this was just a rough draft that was done in a short time, I usually save the real shading for the very end. Just trying to get the general shapes and ideas out first.

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Yeah I'm trying to find the right balance so that it doesn't look too weird but at the same time still looking similar. I tried the original design of Willow's hair but it just looked way too odd with this style. Mainly the large hooks at the ends of her hair.

I might just flesh out the body and come back to the hair later.

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