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Not sure if someone has already suggested this -- but perhaps enabling players to see where they've set multiple traps in a given area once you pull up the map? Like some green dots or something? Since there seem to be icons indicating where berries/graves/spiders are? Dunno, would be kinda nice :) Sometimes I forget where the 7+ have been placed once I explore other areas. OH! And also maybe a fire weapon or glow in the dark sword through combining fireflies + spear or something to illuminate in the dark whilst slaying spiders. Thanks!

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Idk if u guys know this, but if ur in an area with a lot of bunnies and dont want to waste hay on rope for traps, just try to figure out which bunny comes out of which hole, place a carrot away from the hole to lure the bunny away from its hole, then stand on the hole with a weapon, and attack the bunny (it will rush back TOWARDS you because you are on it's hole, and so u can kill it.) It works. I never use traps. I have about 20 morsels of meat in two days because of this technique hahaha

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I like the trap tracking idea but not just traps. I think it would awesome if we could just put and X or a green dot like you mentioned anywhere we want like a spot of interest for us. Theres a handful of spots I would like to mark like the spots were pigmen are thats not on the map.

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