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  1. Thanks for the reply. The direction keys make it MUCH better now :)They seem to have fixed the items on the edge of things problem now too!
  2. It's the Samsung Chromebook 550 - It's excellent. I use it for everything. Great machine!Emilie
  3. I liked Test as it seemed more random. I didn't like the zig zag paths (sometimes it was hard to tell where they went and you waste a lot of time getting between islands). In default the configuration seems to be very similar a lot of the time which can get boring. Also don't like it when there are really long bridges between islands. Sticking with default for the moment though as I seem to survive longer.
  4. There was an exit to get to the other part of the world although the problem with the long, winding paths between each section meant it was very time consuming to go from one area to another (especially if you have to go past 2 other areas to get to a particular area). So.. not a bug but a slight improvement could be made to accessibility in the test version of map generation. Thanks!
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number 70861 Issue title Appears to be no way to get to part of the map Steps to reproduce Test random generation of the map today (I know you said it has bugs - that's why I chose it!). The map itself is the problem. Describe your issue The path parts in between areas seem to be strange - not joining up or stopping suddenly. There appears to be an area where most of the stone/gold to mine is available (I can see it across the water) but no way of getting there. This hampers progress as there are only a few bits of stone available. I'm up to day 14 and so far have found no gold (so can't build science machine or alchemy one).
  6. Yes please to sprinting.. agree it has to make you hungry more quickly or it might get too easy. Much easier when you are trying to race back to your "base" when it's getting dark. Emilie
  7. HiLove this game - I spend hours on it!Few things I haven't seen posts for (although not sure if they have already been mentioned within other posts) so I thought I would suggest them:It's kind of tricky to walk down the screen (I use a chromebook with a touchpad as mouse).. can you use direction keys to walk? or make it so you can? Otherwise you end up clicking constantly and you have to try to stay out of the way of your inventory. I noticed that sometimes there are carrots, saplings, grass right on the edge of islands - they can't be picked so they are kind of a tease Can you just make sure they either don't appear there or make them so they can be picked?Cheers and keep up the good work :)Emilie
  8. Agree.. I always lose my trap and now that they are re-usable that's a waste. Love the idea of fireflies + weapon too!