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  1. Can't bait traps?

    Toaster, have you also been unable to plant pinecones/bushes?
  2. Can't bait traps?

    haven't been able to bait traps until I pick em up and re-drop them somewhere else? o___O
  3. Speaking of honey -- where is it located?
  4. If it's an emergency without logs you can always use grass Also, apparently eating spider meat lowers your health despite it satisfying your hunger a lil bit. And feeding the pig-creatures flowers can give you manure for farming? whaaaa?
  5. Trap tracking

    Wonder if it would be possible to have a torchlight/miner helmet at the cost of around 500+ research points
  6. Trap tracking

    Yeaaaaaah like that!
  7. Not sure if someone has already suggested this -- but perhaps enabling players to see where they've set multiple traps in a given area once you pull up the map? Like some green dots or something? Since there seem to be icons indicating where berries/graves/spiders are? Dunno, would be kinda nice Sometimes I forget where the 7+ have been placed once I explore other areas. OH! And also maybe a fire weapon or glow in the dark sword through combining fireflies + spear or something to illuminate in the dark whilst slaying spiders. Thanks!