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  1. Wants to trade Dota2 for don't starve

    Succesfully Traded Extra Key For Dota 2 oOo
  2. Ill trade Dota2 for a key

    i sentcha the pm brah
  3. Wants to trade Dota2 for don't starve

    dude you should have told Meh! i just initiated a trade with lukek :/
  4. do what i did find a clearing or a place where you dont care if things get burned then hit him with a torch while having a log suit unless you want to take some punishment then just run around a little till the fire dies down and hit him again repeat 2 times then hit him a couple of times with a spear and hes done thats how i did it and it litteratly cost me no health xcept about 50 percent of a log suit but yea just make sure when hes about to die he's not on fire or all the goodies will burn oOo also it will be nice and helpfull to have some piggies out there helpen chu out Hope this helped anyone whose having a bit of trouble beating our big mean monster
  5. i love how klei gives you of list of what they are trying or might be adding.. i like that alot.. i really do.. i really do(shows how when you find a company that actually cares about their gamers)so thank you so much klei n kevin
  6. Extra Dont Starve Key Trade Or Sell

    isnt that free to play but you can add more content? heard about it being ok
  7. ive got an extra dont starve key. anyone whose interested in what your trading or the amount buying it for please pm me i will take steam stuff, itunes gifted stuff, and paypal payments :DD
  8. oh noes and here i oh wait no i didnt oh goodie on tuesdays :DDD which is good *random Spaz* mm yes tuesday man im glad i didnt just totally nvm.. Tuesdays... *random hair pops up* mmm...
  9. Post your map!

    thats why when i find a bee hive i go after the workers first then walk away until i know i have enough honey for a bee boxid post mine but im not done explorin yet
  10. I Am From Mexico Guanajuato Airapuato Currently In Usa Colorado i found out threw indie games loved the art style being figuered as "tim burtons view of minecraft" and tried it out and yep thats how i came to be
  11. Trap tracking

    actually i agree with toaster fuu a hat that has to be refueled with charcoal i agree 10o percent cause a torch hat seems to over powered :/
  12. i agree with 2-5 but i dont know about the whole circular crafting thing :/ seems to freaky deaky but i agree with moving a bit of the gui things to make it a bit more spacious and your right a slight movement of a few things can mean life or death at a premature time. i agree just not with the circular crafting grid oOo
  13. i was wondering i think dont starve needs a ranged weapon nothing obvious instead of like a bow or too much for a crossbow i was thinking of incorporating a slingshot crafted using 4 twigs and 3 silk and could use flint or rocks as ammo thus doing the same damage as a spear maybe more but just allowing you the luxury of ranged combat (i mostly say that cause i hate getting slaughtered by tentacle monsters and i hate having to make mr piggles kill rabbits for me)plus that can also cause there to be an addition to a morsel of meat from crows?? hmm?
  14. Adventure of a little PIG ARMY!

    i bet the point on the spiders masacreing them poor piggles its 4 spiders per nest level correct?! that would be what about 88 spiders total to fight!?! in that picture alone yea im down with the spiders