Dedicated Server Quick Setup Guide - Linux

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myxal    294

Oh, hi... is this still a problem? I checked some of my logs, and I wouldn't pass this repetitive registration as a problem - while I don't see chains of registration 5 minutes apart like you do, there are many chains with even more frequent registrations.

Some ideas/things to check:

  • did you reset filters in the server browser?
  • use some unique name for the server, if you haven't already
  • if the server is running on your local network, can you see it in the LAN browser/connect to it?
  • when you shut the server down, does it log "Removing server from ?? lobby"?

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I managed to find it and get into the server, some of the ports were not set in the router and the name was messed up in the ini file so i was searching for the wrong server lol. thank you for your help c:

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