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  1. Hello. I wrote here about this crash, but noone answered. My friend created dedicated server for me. With caves. I can play normally there. I can go into caves, but I CAN'T exit from caves. No idea why. Log shows that I appear on overground. But in real my game window is not responding and just crashed. I paid for hosting of this server, I really want to play it but I can't. What can we check or change on settings? Thanks for answers or any ideas how to fix it.
  2. Well, we change the server. So I got another question. Is this config alright? I can go into cave and when I leave, I have message "connecting", then "loading" and puff - application doesn't answer. I need to close the window with the game and just log into game again. MASTER ------------------------ cluster.ini: [NETWORK] cluster_name = ... cluster_description = ... cluster_intention = cooperative cluster_password = ... [GAMEPLAY] max_players = 6 pause_when_empty = true [SHARD] shard_enabled = true -- server.ini: [NETWORK] server_port = 10999 [SHARD] is_master = true bind_ip = master_ip = overworld cluster_key = random-secret-key name = overworld [ACCOUNT] encode_user_path = true CAVES ------------------------- cluster.ini: [NETWORK] cluster_name = ... cluster_description = ... cluster_password = ... [SHARD] shard_enabled = true -- server.ini: [NETWORK] server_port = 11000 [SHARD] is_master = false bind_ip = master_ip = overworld cluster_key = random-secret-key name = underworld id = 2935298355 [ACCOUNT] encode_user_path = true Log from master after leaveing cave [22:16:43]: ValidateGameSessionToken <token> for <3664271436496857343> [22:16:43]: Client authenticated: (KU_DcBDQF5Y) myszuwa [22:16:43]: [Steam] Authenticated host '76561198191558527' [22:16:43]: [Shard] Completed incoming migration #8 for (KU_DcBDQF5Y) [22:16:43]: [Shard] Completed migration #8 for player (KU_DcBDQF5Y) [22:16:43]: [Shard] Writing save location file for (KU_DcBDQF5Y) [22:16:54]: Resuming user: session/18D86F1AB08B6B8B/A7HMCB6MHSB2/0000000005 [22:16:54]: Could not find anim build FROMNUM [22:16:54]: Player will spawn close to portal #7 [22:16:54]: Spawning player at: [Load] (518.55, 0.00, -159.72)
  3. No. It's my first time. Let me know if you find something.
  4. Right, didnt notice :386, do you see anything strange in log, is there anything else I can check?
  5. Sure. Logs attached. I installed libs for 64-bit system. Its strange in logs it starts in 32-bit (00:00:00]: Mode: 32-bit), is this important? (caves)server_log.txt (master)server_log.txt
  6. Oh, now it works. I replaces whole config to that one I downloaded and nothing changed. Ps my system is debian 9.
  7. Yes I used your script I did config by myself since I could not follow point 3 - the download option does not work it only allows to open folder, not download anything. "OTWÓRZ" means "OPEN".
  8. Hello. The server seems to dont start up - process suddenly ends. I attached logs and configs. I got configs from here: since I was not able to finish 6. step of instruction - steam only allows to open folder not save into. (master)server.ini (master)server_log.txt (caves)server.ini (caves)server_log.txt cluster.ini cluster.ini (master)server_log.txt (master)server.ini (caves)server.ini (caves)server_log.txt
  9. Wow, good to know Hmm.. Could be
  10. I didin't knew it. I mean: i didn't used any trick, just went on this river. It worked only in this place That's why I was little surprised
  11. Sounds great! I can not wait! But if they add skins for pets - will it be after ending Hallowed Nights or will it disappear?
  12. The same here. That's why I'm so curious about this event and others: The Forge and The Gorge