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  1. Problem solved by hotfix that Klei published yesterday
  2. I've been trying to hard restart whole server (meaning removing all downloadable files, including generated world and whole Steam and DST). And It seems like I can create working server, but after closing and restarting (but closing by CTRL+C, not some command) it does not work (logs posted previously). Maybe that is the problem. How can I restart server properly? Is there any command to do so? Or at least to close server, while it is opened? I could not find any server commands list.
  3. @myxal Server definitely is not running for 1 minute It instantly shut down. I am executing server simply by ./ and my pwd is home location. I am not closing SSH connection as well.
  4. Hello, I am trying to set server on Ubuntu, for now I just copy-pasted all commands from first post (to make sure everything will work fine). I recreated whole process two times, so I guess problem is somewhere else. Server starts on newest version - 360489. Can you help me? Server seems to start just fine and then suddenly stops (instantly). FULL LOGS HERE Master: [00:01:03]: Sim paused Master: [00:01:03]: Gameserver logged on to Steam, assigned identity steamid:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Master: [00:01:03]: Best lobby region is aws/EU (ping 26) Master: [00:01:03]: Registering master server in EU lobby mrozo@DST-server:~$ Caves: [00:01:13]: Reconstructing topology Caves: [00:01:13]: ...Sorting points Caves: [00:01:13]: ...Sorting edges Caves: [00:01:13]: ...Connecting nodes Caves: [00:01:13]: ...Validating connections Caves: [00:01:14]: ...Housekeeping Caves: [00:01:14]: ...Done! Caves: [00:01:14]: 1 uploads added to server. From server_temp Caves: [00:01:14]: About to start a shard with these settings: Caves: [00:01:14]: ShardName: Caves Caves: [00:01:14]: ShardID: 3812037384 Caves: [00:01:14]: ShardRole: SLAVE Caves: [00:01:14]: MasterHost: Caves: [00:01:14]: MasterBind: (null) Caves: [00:01:14]: MasterPort: 10889 Caves: [00:01:14]: [Shard] Connecting to master... Caves: [00:01:14]: Telling Client our new session identifier: 3CA30A7E7E85F34A Caves: [00:01:14]: Parent process is dead, exiting... Caves: Updates 0Seconds elapsed: 73.4336 fps:0 Caves: Saving Dedicated server data... Caves: [00:01:14]: Serializing world: session/3CA30A7E7E85F34A/0000000003 Caves: [00:01:14]: [Shard] Stopping shard mode Caves: [00:01:15]: Collecting garbage... Caves: [00:01:15]: lua_gc took 0.20 seconds Caves: [00:01:15]: ~ShardLuaProxy() Caves: [00:01:15]: ~cEventLeaderboardProxy() Caves: [00:01:15]: ~ItemServerLuaProxy() Caves: [00:01:15]: ~InventoryLuaProxy() Caves: [00:01:15]: ~NetworkLuaProxy() Caves: [00:01:15]: ~SimLuaProxy() Caves: [00:01:15]: Cancelling LuaQueryCallback handle [3] Caves: [00:01:15]: lua_close took 0.22 seconds Caves: [00:01:15]: CurlRequestManager::ClientThread::Main() complete Caves: [00:01:15]: HttpClient2 discarded 0 callbacks. Caves: [00:01:15]: Shutting down