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  1. I managed to find it and get into the server, some of the ports were not set in the router and the name was messed up in the ini file so i was searching for the wrong server lol. thank you for your help c:
  2. any ideas on why it's not showing up in the server list at this point?
  3. ahh, i didn't even think of doing that. thank you, I'm so burnt out it would have taken so long before i even saw that. now it is stuck doing this, and my server never shows up, what could be the cause? :c
  4. followed everything step by step and keep getting this in the terminal when i enter ~/run_dedicated_servers.sh : /home/steam/run_dedicated_servers.sh: line 21: cd: /home/steam/steamcmd: Not a directory Error: Missing /home/steam/steamcmd directory! it should be noted i haven't used ubuntu since about 2008, so i am basically a noob again.