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myxal    300

Oh, hi... is this still a problem? I checked some of my logs, and I wouldn't pass this repetitive registration as a problem - while I don't see chains of registration 5 minutes apart like you do, there are many chains with even more frequent registrations.

Some ideas/things to check:

  • did you reset filters in the server browser?
  • use some unique name for the server, if you haven't already
  • if the server is running on your local network, can you see it in the LAN browser/connect to it?
  • when you shut the server down, does it log "Removing server from ?? lobby"?

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I managed to find it and get into the server, some of the ports were not set in the router and the name was messed up in the ini file so i was searching for the wrong server lol. thank you for your help c:

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sibnew    0

Hello to all! I can not understand why he writes [200] Account Failed (6): "E_INVALID_TOKEN"
generated the key, created cluster_token.txt, since they write this nonsense that there is no key, then this cluster_token.txt was scattered in all server folders))) But when you start the server, it says that [200] Account Failed (6): "E_INVALID_TOKEN"
What am I doing wrong?

[00:00:00]: PersistRootStorage is now /home/cq/.klei//DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1/Master/
[00:00:00]: Starting Up
[00:00:00]: Version: 305472
[00:00:00]: Current time: Thu Feb 14 18:00:56 2019

[00:00:00]: System Name: Linux
[00:00:00]: Host Name: LCQ
[00:00:00]: Release(Kernel) Version: 4.15.0-45-generic
[00:00:00]: Kernel Build Timestamp: #48-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 29 16:28:13 UTC 2019
[00:00:00]: Machine Arch: x86_64
[00:00:00]: Don't Starve Together: 305472 LINUX
[00:00:00]: Build Date: 4609
[00:00:00]: Parsing command line
[00:00:00]: Command Line Arguments:
[00:00:00]: Initializing distribution platform
[00:00:00]: ....Done
[00:00:00]: THREAD - started 'GAClient' (4137593664)
[00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/klump.zip successful.
[00:00:00]: CurlRequestManager::ClientThread::Main()
[00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/shaders.zip successful.
[00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/fonts.zip successful.
[00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/anim_dynamic.zip successful.
[00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/bigportraits.zip successful.
[00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/images.zip successful.
[00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/scripts.zip successful.
[00:00:00]: ProfileIndex:6.25
[00:00:00]: [Connect] PendingConnection::Reset(true)
[00:00:00]: THREAD - started 'Ping Job Thread' (4130339648)
[00:00:00]: Platform: 1
[00:00:00]: Network tick rate: U=15(2), D=0
[00:00:00]: Network tick rate: U=15(2), D=0
[00:00:00]: Error trying to change cluster setting (NETWORK->cluster_intention) from '' to 'cooperative'
[00:00:00]: THREAD - started 'StreamInput' (4126145344)
[00:00:00]: OnLoadPermissionList: /home/cq/.klei//DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1/blocklist.txt (Failure)
[00:00:00]: OnLoadPermissionList: /home/cq/.klei//DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1/adminlist.txt (Failure)
[00:00:00]: OnLoadUserIdList: /home/cq/.klei//DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1/whitelist.txt (Failure)
[00:00:00]: cGame::InitializeOnMainThread
[00:00:00]: Renderer initialize: Okay
[00:00:00]: AnimManager initialize: Okay
[00:00:00]: Buffers initialize: Okay
[00:00:00]: cDontStarveGame::DoGameSpecificInitialize()
[00:00:00]: GameSpecific initialize: Okay
[00:00:00]: cGame::StartPlaying
[00:00:00]: LOADING LUA
[00:00:00]: DoLuaFile scripts/main.lua
[00:00:00]: DoLuaFile loading buffer scripts/main.lua
[00:00:00]:   taskgrouplist:    default    Together    
[00:00:00]:   taskgrouplist:    classic    Classic    
[00:00:00]:   taskgrouplist:    cave_default    Underground    
[00:00:00]:   taskgrouplist:    lavaarena_taskset    The Forge    
[00:00:00]:   taskgrouplist:    quagmire_taskset    The Gorge    
[00:00:00]: running main.lua
[00:00:00]: loaded modindex    
[00:00:00]: ModIndex: Beginning normal load sequence for dedicated server.
[00:00:00]: DownloadMods(0)
[00:00:00]: Event data unavailable: lavaarena_event_server/lavaarena_achievement_quest_defs
[00:00:01]: PlayerDeaths could not load morgue    
[00:00:01]: PlayerHistory could not load player_history    
[00:00:01]: ServerPreferences could not load server_preferences    
[00:00:01]: bloom_enabled    false    
[00:00:01]: Could not load saveindex    
[00:00:01]: OnFilesLoaded()    
[00:00:01]: OnUpdatePurchaseStateComplete    
[00:00:01]: Klump load on boot started.    
[00:00:01]: Klump files loaded:     0    
[00:00:02]:     Load FE    
[00:00:02]: THREAD - started 'FilesExistAsyncThread' (4087495488)
[00:00:02]: FilesExistAsyncThread started (20202 files)...
[00:00:02]:     Load FE: done    
[00:00:02]: ModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully.    
[00:00:02]: Reset() returning
[00:00:03]: ... FilesExistAsyncThread complete
[00:00:04]: [200] Account Failed (6): "E_INVALID_TOKEN"
[00:00:04]: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:00:04]: !!!! Your Server Will Not Start !!!!
[00:00:04]: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:00:04]: No auth token could be found.
[00:00:04]: To generate a cluster_token you must
[00:00:04]: open the console from a logged-in game
[00:00:04]: client with the tilda key (~ / ù) and type:
[00:00:04]: TheNet:GenerateClusterToken()
[00:00:04]: This will create 'cluster_token.txt' in
[00:00:04]: your client settings directory. Copy this
[00:00:04]: into your cluster settings directory.
[00:00:04]: [Connect] PendingConnection::Reset(true)

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myxal    300

@sibnew, where did you put cluster_token.txt? It's supposed to be in the cluster directory, not server (shard) directory.

Post the output of ls -l /home/cq/.klei//DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1



[00:00:00]: Command Line Arguments:

Wait, are you actually following any guide? Arguments can't be empty.

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sibnew    0

Many thanks for the advice! but I still have a couple of questions ;-), in which file should I change "tick_rate =" and "-tick"?
and if so how should it look? eg:


game_mode = survival
max_players = 6
pvp = false
pause_when_empty = true
-tick [ 60 ]    -----------------  ???

cluster_description = Bot
cluster_name = Bot
cluster_intention = cooperative
cluster_password =
tick_rate = [ 60 ]  --------------------  ???

console_enabled = true

shard_enabled = true
bind_ip =
master_ip =
master_port = 10889
cluster_key = supersecretkey


Are brackets correct?

tick_rate = [ 60 ]  or  [60]

-tick [ 60 ]  or -tick = [ 60 ]

Please tell me! I'm a noob )


Edited by sibnew

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myxal    300


According to Residays' guide, tick rate goes into cluster.ini:

tick_rate = 60

no brackets or anything.

The -tick_rate 60 form is a command-line argument, that would be added to the script launching your servers.

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