What is up with the frog Rains ?

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Aren't they supposed to be a rare thing ?

I have just had a regular-length RoG spring FULL of those, I ended up with like 300 frog legs most of which I just let to rot.

I think it rained frogs 6 or 7 times in span of 20 or so days.


What's up with this nonsense ? Did I just get super unlucky with RNG or did something change ?

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During spring with usual settings I can have up to five frog rains so it's not "super" rare. But seven of them? I've never seen that. You must be very unlucky.


Well if you have a bird cage you can always feed him with your frog legs to get fresh eggs, or give them to the king for gold nuggets. Or just let them rot and use it to fertilize farms later.

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Well I had tons of food to begin with so I didn't really do anything with the frog legs. Even the stack of meatballs I made eventually spoiled.

Could have traded them to the pig king I suppose.


I got annoyed due to three Krampuses stealing and triggering two of my Glommer bells and wrecking my camp at the same time so I just left the frogs rot while I was repairing my place.

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