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Change the saving!?

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Why the autosave? It allows players to "cheat" very easy... You only have one save file so:

What about a similiar saving option like in FTL? Where you can save and quit at will as long as you are not in danger (as long as there are no enemies around or the "fight music") ... which makes perfect sense for a rougelike permadeath game...

Why isn't that in Don't Starve then?

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What? It autosaves when it turns afternooon, night, and morning.

It also saves when you quit the game.

Who cares about the saving engine anyways LOL

I think the saving system in "Don't Starve" is pretty broken, the game usually completely wipes out the save files after few periods.

The biggest thing the devs need to fix is the saving system, being able to successfully save the game's progress is gonna save us all.

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This discussion makes no sense to me. I was under the impression (as per experience) that when you "save and quit", the game reloads to the previous autosave which occurs at Dawn and Evening... though I haven't noticed an autosave at evening for a small while. Has it been removed?

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