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Found 24 results

  1. Hey guys, today i wanna ask you: What were your moments you were saved from death? You know, when you're ALMOST going to die, but for some strange reason or action that happened, you were saved from dying. I don't have one to tell, because i don't remember any.
  2. Hi, I don't want to play Sal without Prestige. Does anyone have a save file I can load in?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is an example I was asked to provide for a reader on the subreddit. It is a bit starved for power approaching the late game but otherwise demonstrates some management and automation concepts, as well as a solid format for a modular base. Download, critique, whatever.
  4. Basically i open Dont' Starve and load my save and......... Crash Linux 64bit Ubuntu 13.04, Ran last time i tried, tried 3 more times no go
  5. I know this topic has been addressed before in the past, but the method for making a backup or a copy has been broken for a while now (or I'm doing something wrong ); I haven't found any working guides up to date. If anybody knows how to backup (or can create a quick-save button because I know this is possible), please take a few moments of your time to post. Please, and thank you. :biggrin:Shame post, I know.
  6. Hello(first : im french and i speak english very bad :s )I'd like to know where the file loaction of the save of DS.Problem : I play it on Google Chrom, not on Steam.ThxHydrossP.s : this game is awesome !
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73779 Issue title Wilson isn't here and camera can't move ! Steps to reproduce I bought the game on steam, so i install it, next i launch a game and... nothing! Describe your issue So when i start a game there are different cases, sometimes i appear in the middle of sea, sometimes i apper in the forest but, i can't see Wilson, and i can't move the camera (zoom; de-zoom, turn right or left...). I don't understand so please help me, i want to play to this amazing game!!! Thanks.
  8. Shank 2 for Mac Save Bug

    Which beta are you using? It should have been fixed a long time ago in a previous beta. Also, can you list your system specs?
  9. Yeah, thanks. Lots of help you were there [MENTION=1]JoeW[/MENTION]. Actually, lots of help everyone has been. I've asked this same question numerous times in numerous locations and my question seems to keep getting ignored or overlooked.
  10. Shank 2- Humble Bundle- Windows: Save Bug

    This is it!!! I've seen plenty of people having this same problem with the game, and I was about to deicde never to play it again, I was so frustrated.For anyone having this problem under Windows x64, this will fix it! Just download any savegame file (the link here is dead, but I found one somewhere else), copy it to the directory above, and the game will recognize it. Then you can just hit 'clear save data' in the options menu from the title screen, and bam. You can finally reboot your game without losing all your data.Thank you so much for figuring this out! Now I can actually play the game.
  11. Does anyone know how to backup a game if you bought it using the Google Chrome Web Store?
  12. 55 Mins of Gameplay

    This is the first attempt at me recording my LP of Don't Starve. Excuse the breaks in recording to "split" the episodes. http-~~-// Forum Thread for LP
  13. How do you backup your save file if you bought the game using the Google Chrome Web Store?
  14. [Gameplay] Straw Hat Stays

    Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number - Issue title Straw Hat Stays Steps to reproduce Wear a straw hat. Get the materials for making another hat. In my case miner's hat. Make the new hat while still wearing the straw hat. Describe your issue The straw hat doesn't go away instead you get both the new hat and the straw hat. It seemed fishy to me so I reported it as a bug. Also after the miner's hat ran out of juice it gave me back a new straw hat. Idk if that's supposed to happen as well.
  15. Why the autosave? It allows players to "cheat" very easy... You only have one save file so: What about a similiar saving option like in FTL? Where you can save and quit at will as long as you are not in danger (as long as there are no enemies around or the "fight music") ... which makes perfect sense for a rougelike permadeath game... Why isn't that in Don't Starve then?
  16. I LOVE the winter hat, but I noticed that sometimes it bugs out. Sometimes if you take the hat off, it continues to snow. There was one time I put the hat BACK on and it turned the snow off. Not a huge problem, but I just wanted to point it out.
  17. I like Don't Starve. I really do. But what is keeping me from LOVING it, and might even stop me from playing it in the future... is that every time you die, you have to restart. I know some people like the challenge, but for me this makes the game annoying and frustrating, instead of fun. So, I propose... TWO MODES. 1. SURVIVAL - In this mode you challenge yourself to survive as long as you can, and when you die, you stay dead and have to restart... just like the game currently is. 2. EXPLORE - In this mode, you can SAVE your game... but not just that. If you die, you can LOAD YOUR GAME from the last SAVE. This allows you to play more casually, explore more of the map and get farther in the game without making the game your enemy. For people who want the game to be easier. If you like the game the way it is, just select Survival mode.
  18. When I get on chrome and play the game, it asks me to play the demo, when I already bought the full game and entered the product key. Then I realized that it changed e-mail accounts and it won't change back. I've tried everything I can and it's not changing back to my e-mail, anyone know how it can be fixed?
  19. Hello to all and good evening. I come to you all because I saw that my copy of "Don't Starve" won't save my file? I had an actual decent map and got through my 5th night when I had to leave for work. when I got back I started it up and it didn't have the save? I first thought it might be in the Import tab but I decided to come to you guys. So? What do you all suggest? Thanks and have a good time trying not to starve.
  20. Since a picture paints a thousand words and all that, take a quick gander here and tell me what's wrong with this image: Yeah. For a couple Spider Nests' worth of Silk, you can have enough Gold Nuggets (50) to make 8 Full Sets of Gold Tools. Yes, that's right, 8 Axes, 8 Picks, and 8 Shovels... all for 20 Silk and 15 Twigs. It goes like this: 1) Make 1-5 Bird Traps, however many you want/have the Silk for. Place them at the Pig King's feet. 2) Once in a while, get the Morsels and Feathers out of the traps. 3) Since you're standing RIGHT THERE anyway, give the King all your Morsels. 4) Scoop up the Gold and place it in the convenient, nearby chest (see the 120+ gold I've collected this way in less than 60 Days). You can do the same thing without the Silk if the Pig King happens to be anywhere near some Bunny Holes. Trap all the holes you can - which only takes Grass and Twigs - and bring the Morsels back to the King occasionally. It's more leg work and time, but... Grass and Twigs (both infinitely renewable) for Gold? That seems too good. So is the 2.5:1 Gold to Silk ratio of the Bird Trap method. I'm hoping this will be addressed somewhat with the latest patch where you seem to be able to catch live birds, but if not, I'm hoping you'll at least consider looking into this. It's one of the many things that makes the current "end game" (such as it is) such a breeze. Personally, I'm hoping Krampus will turn my current good idea of storing that much Gold in a single chest by the Pig King into a terrible one... or at least force me to make some Bee Mines or set up Guard Smallbirds or something. My suggestion: have the Pig King get greedy after a while. Pick a number of Morsels (12? 20? 24?) and after that, he'll start demanding bigger hunks of meat in order to pass out any gold. Once the threshold is met, have the King make his "nuh UH!" face and have your character say something like, "Looks like he wants something bigger..." With this change (or something like it), you could get enough Gold with Morsels to get started on "the Gold tier", but if you wanted to continue getting easy Gold, you'd have to start ponying up Monster Meat or standard Meat or even Tallbird Eggs, all of which are much harder to come by. That's all I got. Looking forward to the next update!
  21. not sure if it would be possible, and i totally understand the reasoning behind deleting the save file if someone alt f4s the game to try and cheat death. but if its possible, could we PLEASE have a way to not lose our game if our computer shuts down in a non normal way or if the game or steam crashes? i just lost a good save file because the power went out, and then again as Soon as i got back to day 40ish, just getting kinda lame and making it hard to keep wanting to play at this point :/
  22. Hi there, I've been playing Don't Starve for awhile and really love the game; but, I feel like it could use a few more improvements (which makes sense since it's still in BETA and the creators are still shaping the game). The main thing right now that I feel like should be added to the game is a save function controlled by the player. I mentioned this already on Twitter and rethought how it could work. When a player wants to quit out of the game via the ESC key menu (ESC key -> Main Menu), when they're asked if they really want to quit, it'll save where they are in the game. That way players can take a break whenever they want without waiting for dawn/dusk. I understand there may be ways to exploit this feature but I feel like it should exist in some form. @CoreyRollins on Twitter mentioned something about making a save a build-able item and that could work but I wish there was some way to brain storm a way to keep players honest with instant-saves without lagging out the game with background saving. One thought I had was, once a player logs back into their self-saved game, that save is deleted; and, if they quit the game without waiting for dusk/dawn or self saving, they go all the way back to their last automatic save (aka dusk/dawn). It could work but it's definitely something that needs to be looked at and maybe tested. Anyway, I'll be sure to keep playing the game and giving some feedback. It's seriously a fun game and I look forward to it being launched in it Gold form. ~MegHartie
  23. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number noner Issue title logsuit not taking damage, not protecting Steps to reproduce I'm not sure. Make a logsuit, wear it, die anyway. Describe your issue I'm not sure what my version number is. I don't see a "box on the bottom of when I first start loading the game". Since the recent update (11/27) my logsuits (all 4) have stopped protecting me from damage. Makes it hard to fight dogs.
  24. I can only remember one suggestion at the moment, but that is: the ability to reset all game data. This includes items, research points, characters; basically everything extra the player has acquired through their course playing the game. I believe it would be quite interesting after a while to simply play with a clean slate again. Of course doing this on accident could cause a lot of grief, so it would be less rage-inducing to also include the ability to save one cache of these features. Then the player would be able to go back to a previous state of experience if it so happened they in fact did NOT want their entire save reset permanently.