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  1. K. Please tweet these kind of things to devs if you want them to see. Don't wast forum first page topics.
  2. Misleading title. Boring stuff. No one cares. zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ
  3. What? It autosaves when it turns afternooon, night, and morning. It also saves when you quit the game. Who cares about the saving engine anyways LOL
  4. Lure the spiders to the traps. I always use 7 lol Never got hurt. Free monster meats. Free silk. Do you understand?
  5. I think my IQ dropped when I tried to read that
  6. It generates the whole world when you click " Generate New World" This is not Minecraft, okay girl?
  7. What??? Sorry no one understands your english.
  8. There it is!! Go and look!
  9. Yes. You can't get stuffed eggplant when you put cooked eggplant!
  10. If you are using Steam you can just uninstall the game from Steam> Library> Right-click Don't starve. Remove local content. And download it again lol.
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title No beeflos in the new world generation. Steps to reproduce The new update on Dec. 19 2012 has introduced a new world generation. I couldn't find any beeflos. Describe your issue I couldn't find any beeflos on my map when I used the new world generation!!
  12. ^ Stupid request. Don't ever post again. Ever.
  13. Wait... you can PUT HEAD GEAR ON A PIG?! Can you put anything else?
  14. I was still exploring the map and just making temporary bases camps along the way. And one night, I was just pressing the space bar to chop down trees and all of a sudden I saw something on the ground moving. A small walking thing. A mandrake!!!! At that point I didn't know it was friendly and I had low health so I ran around my camp fire trying to stay alive lol Until day time, it just sort of planted itself to the ground! Oh how silly I was.