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Found 6 results

  1. I keep making some good progress on servers, only to come back the next day and find that I have to start over again. I've looked in my history and it still records all my previous visits, and the servers have progressed too, but for some reason I've not saved. Please help.
  2. Hope you enjoy I got the face a bit wrong but overall I like it've never attempted this kind of style (Rough and tug), so bear with me
  3. Does anyone know if there is a way to backup the save files with the new multiple save format. I know before all you had to do was make a copy of the "219740" folder but im a little confused now as it gets an error when trying to upload an old backup into the new save method.
  4. [Gameplay] Straw Hat Stays

    Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number - Issue title Straw Hat Stays Steps to reproduce Wear a straw hat. Get the materials for making another hat. In my case miner's hat. Make the new hat while still wearing the straw hat. Describe your issue The straw hat doesn't go away instead you get both the new hat and the straw hat. It seemed fishy to me so I reported it as a bug. Also after the miner's hat ran out of juice it gave me back a new straw hat. Idk if that's supposed to happen as well.
  5. Why the autosave? It allows players to "cheat" very easy... You only have one save file so: What about a similiar saving option like in FTL? Where you can save and quit at will as long as you are not in danger (as long as there are no enemies around or the "fight music") ... which makes perfect sense for a rougelike permadeath game... Why isn't that in Don't Starve then?
  6. Hey guys, everytime i leave the game it hasnt ever saved my progress, although it does when sunrise and sunset happen, just keeps deleting data when i log off and log back in again, this is obviously quite annoying as i can never leave the game. suggestions? thanks stu p.s. playing through steam