I Want To Feel Old

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Disclaimer: I haven't survived long past day 20 so i might be speaking about something, that for all i know, is in the game already.

I would love to see some kind of progression of age, something that is obvious just by looking at someones player to say "Damn, this guys been playing for awhile..".

I was thinking of an extreme beard, a long white beard that trails on the ground as you run that you could only receive after being alive for a long, long time. I'm picturing something like the picture below.


Not sure how long a "long, long time" should be, since that's kind of subjective but you get the idea :)

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I was really hoping the beard would continue growing after time. But its the same on day 60 as it is on day 16. Has anyone gone longer and noticed more beard growth? However you do get more beard hair when you cut it after day 60 than you do on day 16, and it takes forever to shave :PBut I like the idea of beard (or hair) showing how long you have played :)

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Just throwing out a couple more ideas that could make Winston look older.

A walking stick in the off-hand, so it stays equip even while holding an Axe, etc.

I figure that Winston's hair is like his trademark so i would prefer not to suggest things that change the shape of his hair. But if his hair and beard go white, that would show him aging without messing up his style.

Wrinkles, bushy eyebrows .. just general traits you find in elderly men

If these changes were put into the game, they could be unlocked gradually.

Beard goes white at day 30

Hair goes white at day 40

Wrinkles form and Eyebrows become huge at day 50

He gets a walking stick at day 60

and his beard grows into its full glory at day 70

or something to that effect :)

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I think that would just make the game more tedious over time, but maybe some other way of making the game more difficult the older your character is? Thats an interesting idea.The longer you survive, the harder it is and death will be more and more likely. And it would trigger a need for long term planning.

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I think it will only feel "ok-ish", if the age effects appear only after 100 days... and maybe double the frequency of the changes. Days 130, 150, 170, 190, 210 changes would happen.

I'm not picky about when the changes happen, i'd just be happy if they could happen at all :p
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