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DST base showcase.

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I'm surprised we didn't already have such a topic in the Don't Starve Together forum. There's one for solo Don't Starve and another one in the Reign of Giants subforum.


So I guess this thread serves the same purpose as the 2 above, but only for Don't Starve Together. I'm really curious to see your neat bases or hobo camps!  :livid:


I'm gonna go ahead and post my latest base that makes the survival of 3 people a trivial matter. I only recently started testing out different layouts and strategies for a self sufficient camp in DST. As I've more than once said, I like small and cozy bases, with stuff clustered in a not so tight space. The one I'm about to post is centered around a single Flingomatic which takes care of every flammable structure a camp needs. 





The next image will show the range of the Flingo. Notice how only the firepits are the ones outside of it.


Containers atlas:


And here's how it all begins. Dig up 6 turfs in a downward T shape, and place the center of the firepit at the 7th spot from the center of the line crossing the upper turfs. From here on it's all about making sure I follow a certain order of building everything as days go by while avoiding the trial and error scenarios. xD


Walls were the last thing to be built. There are structures which are permanently placed in their spot, while others are consumable. The consumable ones, such as the Tent and Siesta o Lean, have just enough space to be placed again when they are consumed.

For anyone wondering about the scattered walls outside the main wall, those are there to keep deerclops busy when he appears. He'll target those single walls and before reaching the mainwall we're already kitting him away from base. The outer walls were at first grass walls, later on being replaced with the stone ones because of fires.

What's left to do:

  • The very well known panic room.
  • I was also thinking about making a sort of arena consisting of a bunch of tentacles spawned by Wickerbottom and her On Tentacles Book. Like, use at least 3-4 books in one small area where many giants could be slain.
I wouldn't had been able to plan the base layout without the following mods, so thank you to the authors @rezecib, @_Q_, @Kzisor:
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Brilliant setup mate! I usually have a similar base in single player but I never seem to get around to doing it in DST. I also like the idea of using a tentacle arena for giants with On Tentacles; sounds like an elegant solution. I'm a big fan of using monsters to kill other monsters, gunpowder always seemed a little cheap.

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I run most of my servers as Survival, only one as Wilderness, so my bases never last.  As a result I'm afraid I hobo around.  For me a typical "base" is to drop a firepit + crockpot + science/alchemy at a crossroads then just move on after a day or two when I'm done cooking.  I pretty much leave these camps in place for others to use, when I get the kit to make more advanced things like a bird-cage I just drop them at one of the camps and (again) move on in a few days.  By the time I want to play again the world has usually regenerated and all the camps I made are already gone.  That's Survival for ya.  (and that's mostly what I play)


Not much point to posting pics of a firepit + two or three other things nearby.

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@absimiliard, I agree, it's rather hard to make a more than decent camp on open public servers, but not impossible if you settle in a far away corner of the swamp or a peninsula full of forest.


I'd expect that whoever's gonna post on the thread, that post will a contain screenshots of bases made with their friends and persons they trust. ^^

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Oh, I'm pretty sure you'll get a bunch of good bases from folks on private servers.  Just noting why, while I'd love to contribute, there's no really good pics that I can offer as I mostly play on my dedicated servers these days and two of the three are survival.


As for setting up a small base in an isolated place....  I'm always torn on that topic.  It definitely is a valid tactic, but I often feel like it's more fun to go and try to help the new players who wander into public servers.  (that does almost always get you killed, trying to teach them to play, but it's a lot of fun anyway)  Usually I travel a middle path, I hobo around and don't stick w. newbs, but I put up structures in places they can get to and offer advice via whisper if I'm over-nighting with them around a fire.  It's fun, just doesn't result in good pics to bring here.


edit:  and @ailailou -- Damn dude, that base is awesome.  The geometry is really impressive, especially how you've figured out how to use turf-"stencils" to get the placement of the firepits right so that when you put in a flingomatic it's perfect.  I only wish I had that sort of foresight, even in single-player I can't manage anything like that.  Just, DAMN.

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