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  1. I have to admit I have no clue how to use tents/straw-rolls/bed-rolls. It's probably because I main Wes, but trading hunger for health or sanity seems really pointless to me because sanity is so easy to manage and health can be dealt with by using a low-risk style.
  2. Regarding farms -- not that I love them, or use them much -- I think we're not analyzing them correctly. What they really are is a way to convert seeds into a different food. If you have a better use for seeds then they're pointless, but most people will just eat them or (maybe) use some for a bird-cage and then to trap one bird. If that's all you're doing with them then a farm (of any kind) isn't terrible, even carrots are better than seeds after all ..... (Please note, not claiming farms are great, and most people really do think to highly of them -- but they're a food upgrading machine, think of them that way. As for whirly-fans ... oh, sure they're useless .... but I still love to run around as Wes with a whirly fan in my hands -- it just feels ..... well .... right.)
  3. I think a Wes running around with a whirly-fan is pretty iconic myself.....
  4. I like the idea of putting a sci-machine, firepit, and crock in a cave near the portal and then telling people to find the cave for initial setup. Heck, as a Wes player I might even leave a trail of balloons to it!
  5. Thank you JahwsUF. I think this is a pretty solid intro guide for someone who has never played it much and goes looking for some basic guidance. (I also like your writing style.)
  6. That's fascinating -- but I'll still avoid the worms until I get better at kiting......
  7. Ice is good for putting out fires on beehives. (which I start so as to get the bees out -- after which I fight the hive for honey and combs) (obv. not addressing meatballs, so -- to stay on-topic -- I'll note I'm fine with them, they don't seem OP to me; besides, I'd rather make bacon 'n eggs w. MM anyway......)
  8. Things players do that I dislike. Come into a public Klei server and spout homophobic or bigoted or nationalistic BS. I also don't like it when people are rude, or swear in general. I swear, does everyone forget that this is a CHILD-FRIENDLY game? If you don't want to work with someone, fine, then don't. But calling someone a ... well, I won't say it even in a quote, ... anyhow, it's just wrong. I could care less about griefers, but I would give a lot if Klei would put an auto-kick and ban in place for the use of a bunch of words in public chat -- frankly, I'd like people who use the n-word or call someone a *insert-standard-homphobic-"I'm manly and you're gay"-word-here* even in a whisper to get banned. Seriously, no questions asked, no recourse, and no delay. Just set up a 'bot and do it.
  9. I like caves. So many reasons, but mostly because I hate the sun and hide from it like a vampire. (okay, really it's the free mins, generally non-griefed, out-of-the-way, "Oooooh, BUNNIES! MMMmmmmmeeeeaaaaat!!!!!", shrooms, temp-control, and of course the all important not-in-the-sun factor) {edit: as for which cave .... well, generally one of the ones with a couple exits near each other, I like that caves make good back-roads to the surface (without the sanity costs of worm-holes).}
  10. Most useless thing in my game? Oh, that's easy -- Soooo EASY. It's ME! (I'm rarely in for the long haul, enjoy risk and dying, bail on death, and play Wes 'cuz low hunger/sanity/health/damage is just the way I like to roll -- it makes the game challenging.) Ask anyone who sees me bop in, do something like show up at a basic base on a beefalo, and then sees in chat that I just a minute later died to a frog -- they'll agree. I'm completely useless! (in my defense, it was dinnertime in real life and RL me is very good about Not Starving)
  11. Do you have to take the red pill to see those strings? (and with this I shall apologize for going off-topic for humor's sake and bow out -- still being incredibly impressed at the mad-science on display here, which does seem appropriate given that we PRINT our dupes)
  12. You're mad I tell you ... MAD!!!!! I warn you, continue down this path and you'll find yourself bald, petting a soft, white, kitty in your lap while chortling over sharks with lasers and holding dupes to ransom for millions of kg of gold. Millions! (also, very impressive that you tried that, just ... wow)
  13. My setup is typically to run a single pipe under lavatories/showers with spurs up to each for inputs, then to use a bridge over that clean-water line for each output that connects to a single black-water line leading to a holding tank (or -- if you like -- to something needing polluted water for irrigation). The outgoing connection to the bridges is only one segment long, and the bridging makes it obvious to the pipes how the flow ought to work. It's moderately dense, so doesn't use too many tiles, and keeps exposed piping at a minimum compared to the my old setup which was clean water in from below and black-water up and out.
  14. Wow! I'm afraid I'm far too much of a barbarian to offer any improvements. But I really wanted to say that this is some very impressive engineering. Alongside the various scientific testing regimes some of the players do this sort of thing is what draws me to ONI. Just ... damn fine work. Damn fine.
  15. If you can find it, try the original Torment: Planescape. Head and shoulders above Numenera in my opinion -- though that's because I adore the setting. I'll have to look at ARK, I know nothing about it.