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  1. Or, chop your way down to 27 log-meter, put Lucy into your pack, and just wait for the transformation. I'll grant 1 twig + 1 flint isn't much for most points in the game, but in a low-flint late-game start you might not have that flint initially. If you just chop down to 27 and wait you can keep Lucy AND transform. (I know you transform at 25, but the number of times I've come close and said "one more chop" and been wrong and found Lucy on the ground and me a beaver is ..... well .... "enough". Now I just chop "close" to 25, I like 27 but if you land at 26 that's good -- just get Lucy in your pack quick.)
  2. This would be one of those rare instances where I'm very happy to have mis-read something! 20 DAYS of waiting is even more tasty than 20 minutes, by a huge amount. (where "tasty" is defined as "long enough to really piss off any troll trying to vote-regen a server") Good catch, grazi EuedeAdodoo.... ummm, I can't even reliably spell that, probably not even pronounce it. Well, maybe I can, let me give it a try You-day-ah-doh-doo-ay-doh-ay?
  3. Even if they don't have to be alive the requirement to have three bots sitting (even as ghosts) for 20 minutes will likely reduce the ego gratification one gets from being raged at enough to discourage most trolls. Whether it's enough for the troll in question .... well, it looks like it is since servers are now staying up. But, yeah, I suspect a trio of ghosts could wait out the 20 minute timer. (assuming the sanity-loss from such a trio didn't kill off everyone anyway -- which it won't if they're vets)
  4. We all have differing personal visions of Charlie -- and even if we all had the same tastes in style they would still differ depending on when in Charlie's timeline you choose to visualize her from. "My" Charlie is from wayyyyyyyyyy back, before DST at all, "My" Charlie is an innocent young woman desiring to help her mysterious new employer (whom she may be falling in love with) who is horribly transformed into the Grue. It's not that I don't know the rest of Charlie's timeline, or even that I don't acknowledge it -- I totally do. It's just that my mental image of Charlie dates to an earlier form, so even if I had the same stylistic tastes I wouldn't gravitate towards a Queen Charlie of any form so much as my beloved innocent -- taken and betrayed, but hoping for a savior. {edit: I have to agree with whoever it was who said that Queen Charlie is smoking hot though -- she and the "Regina" character from "Once Upon A Time" .... yeow.}
  5. Wes in a Fool's Cap would be ......... PERFECT!
  6. I won't grief, period, and I'd only ever prank a friend IRL who was just starting and I was like over-their-shoulder advising them. (which doesn't happen) So I think this probably isn't my thread.... But I will gladly acknowledge that I do like a bit of humor. The wrong-ness of seeing Wes being played is practically a prank on it's own -- and I have definitely tried RPing Wes by not talking in chat but only using emotes. But actively harming another player who isn't a RL friend ... yeah, I can't do that. Sorry. {edit: That seeding moleworms near the portal is subtle though, and almost not-griefing given how nice a backpack full of moleworms is once you find the flint somewhere else.....)
  7. @jantonio : Really like that series. What James offers is pretty solid and "please skip the boring game - play and just tell me something" is really welcome. (besides, I adore that soundtrack, if I wasn't a Wes-player I'd totally Woodie just for the soundtrack when in beaver-mode)
  8. I think the multiple Watchers seen during the Fuelweaver's mind-control are either illusions or some freaky ability for someone to be in multiple places/times simultaneously. Or, quite likely, I'm merely over-reading my desire for a gender-neutral alien species. We so often try to make the alien like us, and thus gender it. Truly non-human things -- which I think They are -- are not likely to care about gendered binaries the way humans do. Maxwell is clever (too clever for his own good in fact) and I want to think he recognizes that and doesn't gender the alien just because. But I'm probably wrong and They is a plural....
  9. I support the possibility that Maxwell refers to Them as a gender-neutral singular rather than as a plurality. It never occurred to me before, but it makes sense -- and is consistent with the "the Watcher at night is Them" theory which feels intuitively right to me for some reason.
  10. I think that perhaps the reason I enjoy beefalo taming so much on public servers is the same reason I enjoy playing Wes: I like a challenge -- and I like ones tough enough to fail at. Wes's hunger + sustaining a beefalo almost always kills me. I love it. (besides, Wes on a Cow! I mean, c'mon .... 'WES ON A COW!!!!")
  11. I can only address #3. (though I believe #1 is "yes, you must and a season" and #2 is "Yes, and two would be even more sure, correct") #3: The point to having a domesticated beefalo is that it is cool. There is no real other point for anyone who is an advanced player. Medium-skill players playing Wes (like myself) do occasionally find them useful for fighting, but only because of Wes's damage-penalty. (I guess Wendy might like them for the same reason as well) But really ... The only reason to domesticate a beefalo is because you think it's cool. (so, if you don't think it's cool, don't bother)
  12. Maslak wins it. Of course Wes's "voice" would have to be an accordion! So Paris streets! (but we all know Wes would never speak, he's the perfect mime)
  13. I mostly challenge myself by playing Wes on public servers (usually the Klei official ones) and setting myself a goal to fulfill. The goal isn't important per se and they're usually fairly simple things like: "ride into camp on a beefalo in the first week and drop an alch and bird-cage", "put up sci machine and crock-pot and firepit at the portal", "at every intersection something -- a sci machine, a crock-pot, a fire-pit, bird-cage, traps-n-racks ... just ... something", "base underground to explore using the caves for quicker surface transport and put up signage to the by-ways", or even "scatter bee-boxes around the world near roads". I usually avoid "RP a mime", because I'm chatty. The point of the goal isn't to be particularly difficult, it's to give me something to work towards before I inevitably die, at which point I log out. I enjoy a risky play-style and inevitably I get Wes killed by doing something fun and dumb -- because that's the game I like or because RL just intervened -- so what I'm really up to is seeing if I can achieve my goals before I die. Most often these days I don't try for a specific goal, I just see what comes up and how many of the various goals I can do. Mostly my point is to make the other player's lives more fun -- or at least "funny".
  14. I mostly play on Survival Klei official servers. So I'm afraid mods wouldn't be my answer. (and harming another player is very against my code, I seed bee-boxes around so as to help players)