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  1. I'm not against easiest patch, the problem is the easiest path in current state of balance is way to easy, day to day survia is trivial and granted as long as you can walk and click on things, its minimal in nature and lacks any kind of challnge whatsoever. Its obvious that after making a base and some kind of food production chain your survival will be easier, but here its just to easy, like totally casual, you don't need to do much to survive. World is unchanging, the seasons don't change the rules of survival all that much, no rabbits in spring, well thats not even a problem, you can just farm birds for the same effect, you will just use silk instead of grass, I still have 3 stacks of silk and nothing to use it on anyway. Part of the problem comes from the fact that developers think about spiders like a danger but spiders are just another resource, only new players can possibly die to spiders and spider queens, its quite easy to learn how to deal with spiders, and its just as easy to learn how to deal with other stuff as well, after you know all of that there is no longer any replay value in game, if you try to play it after learning all mechanics it will turn out sooooo boring. Thats only cause world is static and all mechanics are quite basic and easy to deal with once you know the rules, that is the reason the game don't have any tutorial, add tutorial to it and send it to any proffesional for review and the marks would drop drasticly. The only fun part is when you are learning and that last playtrough where you manage to survie all 4 seasons and kill all bosses. After that its the end, you know everything and can manipulate everything, at that point world should be afraid of you not the other way around.
  2. The settings for things like berry bushes and what not are not sensitive, I had mod with my own settings a bit more sensitive but due to how rooms and spawning of prefabs on worldgen works it could lead to having 0 of given prefab instead of a low value of it. And honestly adding a sliders with difficulty at this point wont do anything since mechanics of the game got buthchered, moved into different direction and so on. I can tweak those things myself to some point but to fix many aspects of the game would require new graphics, new animations and what not. Beside the fact that not all code in DS and DST prefab is made in mod friendly way. Mybe will compile a list of problems, at some point, now its just not categorized nicley and a bit random, some of the most annoying problems were mentioned in this thread not even once: - not balanced items, making many of them not required or just not worth bothering with, in many cases they give way to much benefits and are overpowered - not used sanity mechanic, you only can go insane when you want it, its not a problem you need to deal with that will happen, you are totally in control of, your character is not reacting for tree guard spawn for example, if the big tree came to life next to me I would get scared a bit, sudden events like tree guard spawn, spider queen spawn and so on should lower your sanity, shadow hands and what not should also play some part in it beside taking a log or 2 from you, its not doing anything currently, to many ways to recover sanity fast, with not many things that are taking it away - tons of easy food everywhere, if you cut out winter time you can survive on berries and seeds alone, but then there is crock pot that makes it all even worse with free sanity boosts and healing - why we even have healing items in the first place? Food is kind of hard to balance atm, since you have only 3 things that it can do, hunger, sanity, healing, and two of those are totally not needed in food at all, but if you take away healing from fishsticks you end up with item that is no longer worth getting, maybe healing over time instead of immidiate effect, or some small bonuses here and there like running faster and so on instead, along with rebalanicing crock pot to make good food harder to get - something would have to be done with swamps, the land of free stuff, just go th the swamps and get back with 5 tentacle spikes tons of free silk, glands and even monster meat, just for walking by near things that kill each other, totally the easiest area to stock on decent weapons and free clothing/healing items with some food on top of it To many issues to fix currently. While I can fix some of them, others are not that easy to fix at all.
  3. I told you this so many times already, that I'm getting bored of saying the same stuff over and over again.
  4. Not my fault you all have problems with reading. And if you want exact solutions to current game problems, that wont happen as I'm not paid for making game design, so don't count on that. Beside that there is a lot of balance issues covered in here, just need some basic reading and logic skills, or maybe common sense, but common sense is not that common thsoe days.
  5. There was never much to like in this game, beside some artstyle and the first 20 hours of it or so, after that its boring as hell.
  6. Yes but those games are much older than DST, and still maintain solid playerbase, and DST playerbase is getting smaller.
  7. Look on SteamSpy data, its at solid 5% while older games with twice as much owenrs get 7% or more. Less sandbox and more survival with mechanics that can't be totally ignored after playing game for 10 minutes, like wetness for example, all you need to do is get some free pigskins from touchstones make umbrella and football hat that you will make anyway since its armor item, and after that you are totally in controll of wetness and can ignore it whatsoever, so what was the point of adding it in the first place, when 2 common and easy to get items are disabling it completly, but there is more like you can hide near trees and such, along with the actual limit of rain that can fall per x days. Sanity, I forget that its there at all, so many ways to recover it ultra fast, shadow hands are not working as well, characters are not scared of big shadow hands that appear out of nowhere, they are more like: oh look a shadow hand, how cute lets chase it away. So you will lose a log or 2 if you allow that shadow hand to do its thing or 1 or 2 sanity points to chase it away, much danger such wow. Everything in this game is damn pointless and its not doing anything beside exisiting in it with 0 impact on actual gameplay.
  8. Birdcage - most epic balance choice ever made in history of gaming, that item is beyond broken and its in game since forever. Beeboxes - tons of free food without any risk or managment or unkeep of any sort, like most things in this game place once - use forever. Beefalo is easier to kill than Koalefant, feed one grass to beefalo and lead it away from the rest of them into a trap or just kite it without others beefalos around, with Koalefant you take the risk of warg or sheep at the end of the track, and to get that vest you need winter koalefant in the first place, there is no balance and no survival mechanics to keep you busy, and worlds are small and static, for quite boring expirience, you don't even need to go back to place X or Y for anything and can just sit in your base killing small animals and making food, beside hounds there is no more events that happen in the world, you can go to cave after seeing surface world, explore the caves and thats it game over as survival mechanis are lacking and nothing really happens with world and player. Bland and boring. Base game was 6/10, DST got to 4/10, due to fact that with other players you can get troug whole content at much faster rate.
  9. In theory of Beefalo hat and winter vest you should make a choice, less cold protection but more invenotry space with ability to carry a backpack vs less item slots and more cold protection in reality both items provde the same amount of protection so you don't need to make any choice and just can be happy with good protection and more invetory slots. There is no balance and no choices anywhere, just traps for the noobs.
  10. So do a game add modding and call it a day? Mods are there to expand a game not to make silly rebalnce mods, or fix bugs and exploits, and this game is quite full of those.
  11. 5% of all people that got the game is still playing it, that not a lot.
  12. Hat gives you the same amount of protection from cold weather as vest, logic and balance much. Spiders drop the same amount of meat as a dog that is few times bigger, again logic and balance.
  13. Game is not balanced, thats a fact.
  14. Choices? So the only choice is thermal stone, if you wnat to carry a backpack that is, and chaces are high you want to carry a backpack, just for additional inventory slots as chester is annoying to drag around and there is only one chester in DST anyway, most optimal would be Krampus Sack. Thermal stone + hat of choice just destroys winter and summer, and summer is now 15 days instead of standard 20. There is nothing happening in the game, beside some hounds every now and then, but you can use bush hat and look hounds killing spiders or whatever else you have near to distract them. Summer time is very light, you wont even run out of basic grass and twigs, there is really no need to get something special for that season, nor it brings anything special, like all other seasons for that matter. Nothing will happen if you don't want it to happen, so we could just take out the last bits of hunger and sanity, leave just HP and let people wander around and build walls and place statues and what not and go kill some boss every now and then if they get to bored of building.