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Why can't Charlie kill you while you're asleep?

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I've always questioned this and it doesn't make sense from an in-game logical stand point and balance standpoint. I don't think it would be hard for the game to check for a light source before allowing the player to sleep, giving a generic "That's too dangerous" message if there's no light.

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Well in a tent you could argue that there may be a light source but sleeping in a roll doesn't make sense unless you sleep with a lantern on. Lol I don't think about it much because I never sleep, currently on day 240 of my ROG play through and I haven't slept once. 

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Well its said that charlie can only attack when you can't perceive her.


So maybe she chooses to attack you while you are awake, and doesn't find it fun enough to get you while you sleep.


I second this, since Charlie more or less became a shadow (probably, maybe, who knows).

EDIT: To clarify, they only do stuff for fun too.


Or her vision is based on movement :razz:

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