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Reign of Giants public test: April 9th Update

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  • Developer

April 9th Update - 133264 133276 133282
In this update, the focus was on improving consistency for withering, wildfires, and Flingomatic behavior in general.
Here's what we fixed in today's update:

  • Lightning strikes no longer set players on fire
  • Flingomatic will now protect plants and crops from withering
  • Added a small light to the Flingomatic for better feedback on Emergency mode status
  • Fixed a bug preventing chester from morphing even when all conditions are met
  • Fixed a bug where multiple players could sleep in a tent at once
  • Fixed a bug where players did not wake up when a tent was hit
  • Fixed a bug with precision error for some mod items with custom walk speed multipliers
  • Reduced network data cost of burnable and witherable plants

Original Post:

Hi everybody! As you know we've been hard at work on integrating Reign of Giants into Don't Starve Together, and we're just about ready to launch it! The main challenge at this point is that RoG is a whole lotta game and we need your help testing it to make sure we didn't break things as we converted it over to multiplayer.

It's not quite ready for prime-time yet, but if you want to hop in to our testing branch, we'd really appreciate letting us know if anything is crashing, broken, or missing.

Instructions for getting the RoG test version:
  • You must already own Don't Starve Together. (Reign of Giants not required.)
  • The game must not be running.
  • In your Steam client right click on Don’t Starve Together Beta and select “Properties”
  • Select the “Betas” tab
  • Enter the code “rogtogetherbeta” in the text box and press the “Check Code” button. You should see a confirmation message that the RoG_Together_Beta is now available.
  • In the drop-down under menu select to opt into RoG_Together_Beta. You should see a message that you have successfully opted into the RoG_Together_Beta. Press “Close”.


This uses the same save slots as the normal game but the saves aren't compatible. Make sure you create a new save file for your RoG test as the save files won't transfer back to the normal game.

Please keep all bug reports and related conversation in this thread so that all the feedback related to this special testing branch is in one place. Thank you!

Current known issues:
  • Bearger, Dragonfly, and Goosemoose (Moosegoose?) are still missing, they'll show up sometime soon though!
  • Moggles are missing due to technical challenges with night vision.

Major changes from single-player Reign of Giants to be aware of:

  • Fire spreading has been rebuilt to be slower/preventable but still threatening.
  • Deerclops shows up all winter long to harass everyone's bases.
  • Heat stones have been reworked to more clearly display if they'll help you or not. The graphics change to show if the stone is warmer or colder than the current ambient temperature.
  • Updated smallbird lifecycle so they can grow up in the wild.
  • Crafting menu has been altered to be more dynamic, so scroll arrows only show when needed. Mouse wheel also works on it!
  • Full moon has been retuned to 1 night every 22 days, starting on the 11th day.
  • Flingomatic "off" modes has been turned into "emergency" mode.
  • The Old Bell and Bigfood are absent from multiplayer due to their extreme destructive potential.
  • There are also many small changes and fixes, but keep your eyes peeled for anything weird!
  • We will be continuing to address balance and tuning issues for multiplayer, so your feedback is appreciated!

Thanks for your help, everyone! We're excited to get RoG out to you!

Don't forget to post your feedback in this thread. The test branch is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Dedicated server instructions:

If you are running your server through the steam interface: Simply go through the above process with the Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server in the tools list to join the rog_together_beta branch and launch the server.

If you are running from the command line using steamcmd:
Launch steamcmd and run:
app_update 343050 -beta rog_together_beta -betapassword rogtogetherbeta validate 

Further information can be found at: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD
Thanks @Kzisor!

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thx you for update


unfortunatly my server don't start after this update :(


[string "return {world_network={persistdata={clock={..."]:1: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'nan' (a nil value)
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
        return {world_network={persistdata={clock={moonphase="half",cycles=979,phase="day",remainingtimeinphase=299.01348876953,totaltimeinphase=300,segs={night=3,day=10,dusk=3}},seasons={elapseddaysinseason=14,premode=false,remainingdaysinseason=1,lengths={summer=15,autumn=20,spring=20,winter=15},totaldaysinseason=15,mode="cycle",season="summer",segs={summer={night=4,day=11,dusk=1},autumn={night=2,day=8,dusk=6},spring={night=3,day=5,dusk=8},winter={night=6,day=5,dusk=5}}},weather={seasontemperature=63.316564535178,preciptype="none",daylight=true,moistureceil=9115.9150390625,peakprecipitationrate=0.14085890352726,moisturefloor=2635.7507324219,moisturerateval=0.41683435464822,snowcovered=false,moistureceilmultiplier=13,moisture=3923.3559570312,stopsnowthreshold=0,snowlevel=0,moisturefloormultiplier=1.5,moisturerateoffset=0,season="summer",noisetime=446122.46875,moisturerate=0.41683435440063,lightningmode="rain",nextlightningtime=24.604984044038,startsnowthreshold=-5,precipintensity=0.72568017244339,precipmode="dynamic",moistureratemultiplier=1,phasetemperature=0.05165264483778},worldmoisture={worldwet=false,moisture=0}}},super=true,ents={charcoal={{y=0,x=-378.612,z=357.068,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{y=0,x=-211.266,z=-467.36,data={stackable={stack=36},moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{y=0,x=26.262,z=322.262,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{y=-0.001,x=134.151,z=398.164,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{y=0,x=-409.358,z=132.771,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{y=0,x=-171.395,z=-135.696,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=-40.552,z=336.278},{y=0,x=-409.461,z=132.797,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{y=0,x=70.926,z=278.639,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{y=0,x=-46.027,z=45.677,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{y=0,x=91.688,z=368.271,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=-429.779,z=126.76},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=-20.789,z=35.493},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=-20.564,z=30.326},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=-153.346,z=-590.188},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=-36.148,z=356.687},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=-237.611,z=-581.365},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=89.374,z=99.694},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=92.791,z=197.625},{y=-0.001,x=93.414,z=188.869,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=100.152,z=193.776},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=49.443,z=89.137},{y=-0.001,x=54.055,z=90.206,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=92.024,z=90.166},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=-464.335,z=-467.395},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=54.762,z=86.402},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=52.318,z=98.583},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=120.763,z=115},{y=0,x=-211.622,z=-468.688,data={stackable={stack=40},moisturelistener={moisture=0}}},{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=-15.778,z=28.325},{y=0,x=21.831,z=313.334,data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}}}},trinket_8={{data={moisturelistener={moisture=0}},x=-71.833,z=-496.49}},spiderden={{y=0,x=-234.917,z=-454.585,id=159867,data={growable={stage=4},upgradeable={stage=3,numupgrades=0},health={health=830},childspawner={timetonextspawn=4,emergencychildreninside=8,spawning=false,timetonextregen=96,childreninside=9,regening=true}}},{id=311546,x=-193.097,data={growable={stage=3},upgradeable={stage=3,numupgrades=0},health={health=1000},childspawner={timetonextspawn=4,emergencychildreninside=8,spawning=false,timetonextregen=81,childreninside=11,regening=true}},z=-251.696},{id=193165,x=497.6,data={growable={stage=2},upgradeable={stage=2,numupgrades=0},health={health=500},childspawner={timetonextspawn=5,emergencychildreninside=4,spawning=false,timetonextregen=90,childreninside=7,regening=true}},z=678.148},{id=435550,x=212,data={growable={stage=2,time=2
SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen    
ModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully.    
Reset() returning


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I got this error while I was doing errans around my base. And Kept crashing while I was near any flintomatics thus I can't go to base without crashing..


[00:03:56]: [string "scripts/components/witherable.lua"]:159: variable 'OnStartRain' is not declared
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
=[C]:-1 in (global) error © <-1--1>
scripts/strict.lua:23 in () ? (Lua) <21-26>
   t = table: 16B27658
   n = OnStartRain
scripts/components/witherable.lua:159 in (field) fn (Lua) <155-163>
   inst = 114344 - berrybush (valid:true)
   self =
      restore_cycles = 4
      rejuvenate_temp = 45
      inst = 114344 - berrybush (valid:true)
      enabled = true
      wither_temp = 86
      _ = table: 4BD84DB0
      is_watching_rain = true
scripts/scheduler.lua:187 in (method) OnTick (Lua) <161-217>
   self =
      running = table: 0BF4A7A8
      waitingfortick = table: 0BF4A618
      tasks = table: 0BF4A668
      waking = table: 2788E3E0
      attime = table: 0BF4A5F0
      hibernating = table: 0BF4A438
   tick = 3921
   k = PERIODIC 114344: 130.699982
   v = true
   already_dead = false
scripts/scheduler.lua:398 in (global) RunScheduler (Lua) <396-404>
   tick = 3921
scripts/update.lua:162 in () ? (Lua) <146-219>
   dt = 0.033333335071802
   tick = 3921
   i = 3921

[00:03:56]: SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen    
[00:03:56]: QueryServerComplete no callback
[00:03:56]: QueryServerComplete no callback
[00:04:08]: Force aborting...

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  • Developer

Hey guys, it appears the latest update is not backward compatible with save files that contain withered berry bushes.  Please regenerate your world if you encounter the berry bush crash.

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I want this as a feature. Restores sanity faster, drains hunger faster...If you know what I mean :-)



I'd rather have it restore less health and sanity, because, well... snoring strangers.


Then there's whistling, talking, smacking your mouth, teeth grinding. Possibly even kicking. (I've been told to do all of these things at some time.)


Maybe it it were a character trait, sleep comfort or something, that sets how well others sleep in their company. Woodie would of course saw the proverbial forests. Willow would make everyone nervous. Wickerbottom could have a calming effect, Wolfgang could make people feel safe. WX-78 and Wilson are neutral (default).


I wouldn't like the option you are hinting at. It's funny as a joke, but that's it. If players want, they can still joke if some other tent-sharing effect (like my above idea) were implemented, but that's then only in their head, not actually in the game. Never mind the age of some characters (or even players), the thought that there would be no choice is repelling.


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Hey guys, it appears the latest update is not backward compatible with save files that contain withered berry bushes.  Please regenerate your world if you encounter the berry bush crash.


Can you explain what "regenerate the world" means?

Will we have to start a new world or can a world with withered berry bushes be recovered?

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  • Developer

@ToNiO55, it is probably your best option to restart a new world.

@zem, the easiest thing to do is to start a new world.  To manually recover it, you would have to go find all the withered bushes and burn them, or dig them up and replant them before it crashes.

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Can anyone provide some advice on how to update the server in linux?


I have gotten it to update the server once in the past, but it was a rickety process.


I login to steam through the command line and run the appupdate command as listed above, I have probably run it 20 times. But every time I start the server its the previous version.


Am I missing something? Can someone point me in the right direction?



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Hammering a burned tent crashes the game. Did it like 2-3 times and crashed every time.


yep here is extract from log file


[string "scripts/prefabs/tent.lua"]:28: attempt to index field 'sleepingbag' (a nil value)

LUA ERROR stack traceback:

scripts/prefabs/tent.lua:28 in (field) onwork (Lua) <23-31>

   inst = 104535 - tent (valid:true)

   worker = 116667 - wilson (valid:true)

scripts/components/workable.lua:140 in (method) WorkedBy (Lua) <131-149>

   self =

      onwork = function - scripts/prefabs/tent.lua:23

      lastworktime = 120.43333961442

      inst = 104535 - tent (valid:true)

      savestate = false

      destroyed = false

      _ = table: 0x111ed5b8

      onfinish = function - scripts/prefabs/tent.lua:13

   worker = 116667 - wilson (valid:true)

   numworks = 1

scripts/actions.lua:460 in (field) fn (Lua) <451-463>

   act = Hammer 104535 - tent With Inv:103203 - hammer(LIMBO) (valid:true)

   numworks = 1

scripts/bufferedaction.lua:22 in (method) Do (Lua) <19-35>

   self (valid:true) =

      action = table: 0x9c958a0

      invobject = 103203 - hammer(LIMBO) (valid:true)

      onfail = table: 0xfddd5c8

      doerownsobject = true

      target = 104535 - tent (valid:true)

      options = table: 0xfdd8a28

      doer = 116667 - wilson (valid:true)

      onsuccess = table: 0xfddb148

scripts/entityscript.lua:1188 in (method) PerformBufferedAction (Lua) <1180-1198>

   self (valid:true) =

      OnSleepIn = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:932

      inlimbo = false

      GetMoistureRateScale = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:97

      ghostenabled = true

      SetCameraDistance = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:1043

      ScreenFlash = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:1097

      EnableMovementPrediction = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:415

      player_classified = 116668 - player_classified (valid:true)

      playercolour = table: 0x1988b880

      DetachClassified = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:533

      AnimState = AnimState (0x194f0408)

      DynamicShadow = DynamicShadow (0x194f0f18)

      Light = Light (0x194f2bc8)

      worldstatewatching = table: 0x197ebf50

      OnWakeUp = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:960

      Network = Network (0x194f37a8)

      IsOverheating = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:67

      OnRemoveEntity = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:538

      userid = KU_lS7hoJda

      pendingtasks = table: 0x194fc028

      LightWatcher = LightWatcher (0x194f2c10)

      children = table: 0x198e3e00

      inherentactions = table: 0x1984fca0

      spawntime = 29.833334889263

      GUID = 116667

      name = MCadJO

      SetGhostMode = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:454

      SnapCamera = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:1049

      GetMoisture = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:77

      IsWet = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:107

      Transform = Transform (0x194ef8c8)

      ShowHUD = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:1037

      sg = sg="wilson", state="hammer", time=0.30, tags = "prehammer,hammering,working,"

      actionreplica = table: 0x194f4820

      event_listening = table: 0x19502a70

      ScreenFade = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:1090

      actioncomponents = table: 0x194edbe0

      IsHUDVisible = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:1027

      OnLoad = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:910

      GetMaxMoisture = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:87

      ShowActions = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:1031

      entity = Entity (0x194ebf90)

      OnSave = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:901

      prefab = wilson

      updatecomponents = table: 0x197c0450

      Physics = Physics (0x194fabc8)

      AttachClassified = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:527

      OnDespawn = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:978

      persists = false

      CanExamine = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:20

      MiniMapEntity = MiniMapEntity (0x194f0450)

      SoundEmitter = SoundEmitter (0x194f0f98)

      ShakeCamera = function - scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:1

SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen

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Hey guys, it appears the latest update is not backward compatible with save files that contain withered berry bushes.  Please regenerate your world if you encounter the berry bush crash.

You guys can't put a patch in that make unfertilized berry bushes disappear from the game? I can't play on my server for more than 2 mins before crashing and I don't wanna lose some great servers over this silly thing.

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donno if this is intended: with control + f you can kill moleworms - even when they are moving underground. So you never need to lure them with minerals and can kill easily up to three of them before they gonna hide themselves in their hole.

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