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  1. Through the Ages

    It will be pretty exciting if caves would be realised before the summer ends
  2. Through the Ages

    So awesome! I can't w8 when I'll come back to DST with a new brand stuff =)
  3. Through the Ages

    Maybe we will get some RPG features?
  4. Good job and thank you, Klei! But still so much time before the caves, not to mention the Through the Ages...
  5. Don't know, not checked
  6. Maybe the Ice Flingomatics was fixed... When I place it, machine not throw snowballs. The mission was hard, but I won monster with some microcontrol =D
  7. The ice flingomatics don't work for them, I tried. But ice staff is working good, jerks dies with three usages.
  8. Ice stuff kills lavae
  9. I just killed the dragonfly alone with 80 gunpowder and fire armor
  10. Doors...DOORS!

    oh, really... Sorry, I hadn't seen this option:)
  11. Doors...DOORS!

    What about the moonrock? In my world now 400 days, and I was able to collect only about 80 pieces. Will be count of moonrock more than it is now? On the other hand, it is incredibly valuable because of the rarity and this is good...
  12. Doors...DOORS!

    Yes, about this topic I said. But maybe it's just the idea of developers. It can not eventually come out...
  13. The doors/gates for our walls will be added sometime in the future? I saw it in game files somewhere in this forum. Was it an official confirmation?