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  1. look here: if u wanna save your time, type in the following command: c_tryexitblackroom()
  2. I understand all of you guys. For me PVP is the only option playing, since in non-pvp you can burn and get away with it (When I play in non-pvp, then I play Willow). Else you would need mods like friendship... The fighting in PvP is - saying it in your way - indeed broken. Its like luck, who lands the first hit and preasuming when the other opponent hits, because you gonna avoid it in order to attack right after. The ping / lantency / reaction time makes you need to concentrate in simply avoiding mechanics. Then their is the torch-strategy - a really painfull and long fight - I am thinking in giving rather up and joining another server, then really investing this time for that kind of 'fight'. This whole kiting and running needs a change! You must be able to deflect attacks and having different types of attacks and different types of weapons, which functions after the stone, scissor, paper principle. But when I try to understand you guys, I realize that DS is indeed not anymore a new game and still carries these primitive fight-mechanics. These are fine for singleplayer and PvE, but not for PvP! Winning, because someone don't know what movement prediction is and I am telling him during the fight and he still insists in killing me and in keeping fighting, is not a win for me. [wigfrid's cry emote] Lastly, the touchstones are good, since it absorbs a hard fall of the player. I agree, that the game becomes easier with the bird flints and other stuff. Therefore I think it can be made more difficult during the living (touchstones makes easier after the living). Maybe getting harder food and consuming more food while running, chopping, mining. I even thought about a stamina system, thats prevent people to hunt eachother endlessly and a weight-system, which forces weaker people to drop some of their stuff to be able to run away from the big mighty wolfgang bandit....
  3. When I read the messages about being against the new touchstones, then I get the following feeling of the 'old' motivation of the pro gamer: They want to kick the players out of the public PvP servers permanently by 'their' skills. These touchstones stands now on their way. Wildernes, which is really fitting for PvP and perma death, is not accepted, because they cry that these worlds are being raped as hell not realizing, that they actually raiding them most. Wilderness could simply be resetted differently. Its not a problem of surival or the new touchstones. You guys must realize, that its different fighting in DST or in Starcraft or any egoshooting. Living 10 days on the world and running after 1 day guys is the poorest thing you can actually do in e-sports. 2nd worst: when the opponent got enough time to scale up the 'progamer' leaves the server. In other games leaving means loosing, but how can I explain this....? Just make your own 'public' PvP server without touchstones. Klei does not develop for a minority, who freaks out when the game seems to be somehow easier. Everything has pros and cons. Actually it gets harder for the 'pros' when the killed people get ressurected again. PvE has not become easier with that. Besides, their were many ghosts, just sitting camping on the world. Now they ve given a chance to get alive again. This will take some of their 'grieferness' making him more deciding leaving the server or searching for a touchstone rather camping.
  4. Isn't it fun to kill your victims a 2nd or 3rd time without waiting for a server restart?? Actually player can hide living amulets and use them instead. I see touchstones as boosts for the first days until you can craft red amulets
  5. Touchstone for everyone: Whats the matter actually of it? Can't you reduce the amount of touchstone while generating the world? Didn't you just say And: This problem has been already existed. Before, players needed to die as soon as possible. Now they can ve time, wander around and find a touch stone like on singleplayer Besides, try to ressurect during winter with all your stuff lost or find a toch stone in a cave.
  6. I am trying to use your code to implement a meteor cast when hit on a key. Example: I press 'V' and a _G.c_remote('c_spawn(\"shadowmeteor\")') How do I do that? It is meant for rude people on my server. So only client side mod and you ve to be admin. No RPC calls is needed. Its really difficult, when it comes to disable these functionality, when you are chatting or using the console
  7. Its actually fine. Gift cards make some things more complicated either and that can be a kill. I came to the idea with following the business model according the professional commercialization of open source software like RHEL and SLES. The clothes will be free available like now by getting them as gifts, but you would need to invest some time and work in getting them. If you like to get your desired clothes faster or with better features you can sign up for a fee to become a member (for a period of time). This will make it possible to test out and get a few of the best and newest clothes. Klei will introduce regurlarly a package of clothes for everyone and the membership gets some stuff of it for free in the very beginning of the introduction. Or even some clothes are exclusive for members The membership will also get more interesting, when you can lose the skins in some way or you can have a max. amount of clothes but the members can have more and so on. The losing of clothes will also have the effect, that the prices of the clothes will be decreased and stabilized very fast in the beginning. This will prevent unexperienced people from buying skins for relatively much money and they might regret it later. Currently, clothes will get high value and after some time - a year or so, they will not ve any worth anymore, if Klei doesn't do anything. As a member you don't pay for skins, but for the service in getting faster these clothes and so on and so on. This is actually a very benefecial business for both sides. The problem with it is, that the people providing the services, need to be experts or specialised like developers at open source companies like RedHat. They don't get paid for the software they are creating, but for the skills in creating reguraly good software(-packages) and for the support, when help is needed. When skins are traded, Klei can make an upper limit of prices. In a long run NO ONE want to spend $60 for a skin,
  8. yeah, I hope not to ve been to hard to you guys especially to @thegreatmanagement - sorry for that
  9. 1. omg. Don't you guys discuss so much in this thread now about how the prices will change, if A, B or C is happening?? Discounts without a price calculation or interest in a win are a flaw! You ve to calculate them into your costs and win. Private people won't of course give discounts, but they will apply their own prices to the markets ones and the skins sold with discounts DOES matter in their own prices. 2. The use of card is, that you are going to give some money to Klei for a skin. These skins will then have a real, economic value, because you need to invest money in it. It is a way that the money flows to Klei and not to the idlers (only). Besides additional effort in getting the skins, there is no difference in cards and getting the skins directly, which will be tradeable. 5. This is not important how rare gold is, was and what the definition of rarity is in context of gold. Everything is relative. But thanks for the background information 6. It is sad, when I read such things. You are thinking in a very naive way and talking with your half knowledge alot of ********. No offense, but the developers deserve more respect than these derogative statements. Please everyone, do some research, maybe visit their websites or google or just use wikipedia to find out, how they finance themselves and why for example Google is spending so much money. It is quite complex, but you don't need to understand everything. At least just stop talking that way. How about you work at Intel, Google, Mozilla,... and develop some Kernel drivers. Maybe one day you ll meet such guy like you talking this ... to you. If you think the developers, managers or administrators care in an economical way how popular their open source software is or if you contribute to it, then you are definitely mislead. Its the people and the demand and interest in having fun in understanding and participating on international projects. It is not for honor, but it is also not for big money. And especially not by 'getting' web traffic, lol. I even don't wanna know how someone come to that idea, that projects make profits in developing free software by 'getting' web traffic to their servers. If you want something for free, then develop your own operating system! 7. Exactly, but it is not your and not mine decision about this. We also don't take any risk in what we are suggesting here. Maybe the costs of the skins aren't worth that work to make them buyable, but only tradable with other people. Maybe it will be fine with the trading for Klei. If Klei would follow your logic in making a price for something, that someone like to get - especially when Klei has costs for it unlike the idlers, then the skins would be buyable by now. I tell it again: many people are ready to pay money for it! Its your own logic, that in this case you would make a price for the demanding skins. About the not-monetary contribution we can only speculate, but it is again very naive thinking, that it will bring a higher profit for Klei. Pay to win games are always not interesting for the most people, but this applies same to the skins, which will/are tradable with real money. Maybe not intensive like on real pay to win games but similarly. I don't want to discuss this point with you. Klei will make a good, 'middleway' decision 8. You see things in a win-lose situation. Thinking of your own profit. This will make you unseccussfull. Klei avoid it by not pricing the skins. Actually you guys can do what you like. Its your money and time anyway.
  10. As a business man you ve always to calculate the your price, which is already a discounted price. Means, if you go to a supermarket and gets some discount on something, then the shop still makes win. Discounts are an idea to motivate buyer to buy more (quantity discount) or to buy regularly. Klei would still make win Thats right and actually I didn't thought of it. But I think the prices between private people on steam will be stabilized like many here have also said it. Means the prices will be near the discounted prices - somtimes higher somtimes lower. yeah, I too. I wanted to provoke a little to show how I see the skin trading. I tried to apply the skin scenario (getting skins over time while playing) on the whole DST game (getting game functions (including skins) over time while playing) exactly, my opinion. It is quite rare, difficult to make false copies. easy to recognise, does not change over long time (resistent not burnable) and easy to trade because its handy. I think it didn't sit just on the ground and now currently it is a good alternativ in saving some furtune, because paper (debt) money is actually nothing worth, espeacially when a states economy goes down. Happened alot in the past, is happening even in some european countries, ... but thats off topic. You can compare the skins with some oil paintings and other art objects. Difference is only the value. only because it is worth for someone something, you don't need to think of your own gain. If you see a loss in giving your (free) item away, then you can get something from him, too, which he also got for free (another skin for example). Not everything should be tradable with eachother. Some things in our life cannot be bought with money and thats actually very good! How much do you value Linux? Or Firefox? Or Libre Office, Java, OpenSSL, ....? yes, its unfair that 3rd parties gain win while the producer gets nothing from it. But I was wronged. Steam trading let producers also participate on the trade. I could quote from the bible... but thats off topic XD. You don't need to give everything for free. You got some things for free and you can give other people also something, for what they are interested in. But that's philosophy. You guys can trade with the skins, I fully understand it. But I don't encourage it.
  11. ok, then Klei has to wait for the 'appropriate' time like, like Facebook, when it has introduced ads in their social networks. But maybe the steam market is enough .... It is not bad. It is awkward, when people say, they don't like to buy skins, but getting them over trades with other people by offering valued games or real money. For me, I don't like to give money to someone, who got it for free, but I like to give money to the producer, if I like to get it. I understand it very well, but don't support that. Anyway, if people like doing it, then they can do it. No one will stop them
  12. This I mean. I am thinking it is a win-lose situation. DST skins have no value, because you get them for free. Its like I am selling you a rock and telling you its a beautifull magic rock. Or I gifting you a rose, which I got from your own garden. This business must be prevented and not developed. I thought about it. Fact is, as many people here are telling it, folks are trading with these skins anyway (not very clever). Now because they like to trade with it, but it has no real value (you make the value by your own interest only), Klei can give it a value by pricing them. You guys seems indeed interested in them and like to give money for them. Then give the money the designers -> Klei. Then everyone can trade with them with others like you do with steam-games. The direct buying and trading will function harmonically. But CURRENTLY everyone should give their skins away for free, because they got them also for free.