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Run Wilson run! dont strave fanart

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The seventh day, it's getting dark
there are ***** shadows everywhere
they're getting closer and greedier
Is that an illusion or not?
No time to do reseach
What's more important - not to be caugth by Charlie
and to run way till dawn

Just run in to show you this illustration.
I was so inspired by the world of Maxwell that had no choise but create this ^^
hope, you enjoy this vision of a game))

ps.Don't starve is such an amazing game.

The Russian version for those who speak this language
День семь, закат, повсюду тени.

Всё различимей, ближе, алчней.
Игра рассудка или нет?
Здесь некогда сверять все факты.
Важнее не попасться темноте
И добежать. Хотя бы до расcвета.


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I am incredibly excited to know that! 

I did my best for Wilson ^^

Cos he is such charming and such a witty joker ( really like his comments in the game ) and has such a fancy haircut and so on.... There was no choice except creating an illustration for him, you know :)

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Вы только посмотрите

на эти



нет, правдо крутая иллюстрация вышла. Теперь только книжку по мотивам Don't starve написать - и готово!

comment translation not to be rude

just take a look

at these


no, really, the illustration is great. Now we only need to make a book based on Don't starve and we're set!

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Theinsanefruitloop, OMG, its so touching! I can hardly stay calm *smiling madly smiling*. thank you very mcuh!

Why is he dorky? just wondering.^^ 
he seems to be a little bit cleverer
than other characters, at least by the description...
I'll definetly create something!


wish you good luck, thank you for your words again!

Mobbstar, haha it's so unexpected that the shoes seem
to be the most detailed that others parts of the illustration))) Thank you anyhow, it is really surprising

Willette, ахаха, настолько неожиданно,
что именно ботинки - корона люстры.
Ну ок, вай нот))))))))) спасибище огроменное, прямо Максвеловски приятно :3

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@EugeniaVertry Ahh, I know that his cleverer and has this interesting spark of character in him

But to me, He's a dork. I guess, it's just my term for me saying that he is cute and adorable, Adding in the gentleman touch, intelligent and the amazing hair.

Just look at this his amazing hair bounces



Again, Hope you have an awesome day and can't wait for your next amazing illustration, I know it will be mindblowing <3


Oh, one more thing, if Don't Starve had a novel, your illustration is perfect for that cover <

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@Theinsanefruitloop hmm,I see)
 He and his hair  is amazing))))
And in return I hope you have a nice day
P.s Well, let's wait for the novel then
@CarlZalph)) as well as every painter I have some galleries :3
Here is the official portfolio https://eugeniavertry.artstation.com/
And here you may find WIPs, sketches and step_by_steps http://vertry.deviantart.com/
Hope, you enjoy my Art and welcome to my gallery)

@Halved Thank you
Edited by EugeniaVertry
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