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A mod about Wilson...called Wilsun!

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Wilsun, dah Gentilmon Scuntist!


If you follow my work, you may have seen this abomination I accidentally created a while back:



Well, I'm making a mod based off of that mistake!


This mod includes:


New character "model" for Wilson.

Modified textures. (Though hats sill look super silly)

And new select screen stuff.


Look at that select screen portrait!



And here's the adorable, stumpy lil' fellow here!




It is out!


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Gonna see for that music. If it captures the flair, we've got ourselves a brand new idol.


Unfortunately, my brother has my Audio Jack and I don't know where he put it. So I'll have to ask when he's not at work.


The music will be lacking in any rhythm; just me, beating my keyboard, a few other instruments, and with flatulent noises.

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Oh my god.... I'm speechless.


Well, I'm definitely downloading, I can say that much.


Also, how did this creation happen.


I managed to fail so hard at making custom animations for Warfarin, that happened. Spriter and I don't get along very well.

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