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  1. Wendy and Abigail lived only with their mother. They lived in a rather small house.Their mother loved them both very much, Or so they thought. One day Wendy came home from school later then usual. She walked into the house very quietly because she heard talking. She takes a peek into her and Abigail's room and sees Abigail and her mom. The mom hugs Abigail and says " I can only say this now because your sister isn't here... You are my favorite." After hearing that Wendy felt like her heart just got torn into shreds. She walks into the room with tears rolling down her face and says " Is that true!?" Her mom jumps up and quickly says "Uhm.. You're crazy! I don't know what you're talking about!" Wendy yelled " Forget it!" and stormed out of the room....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Later That Night:It was almost midnight. Wendy was still awake and upset about what her mother said. Then she looks at the pillow on her bed and then looks at Abigail. Then she smiles. She picks up the pillow and starts to walk toward Abigail. She accidentally trips over something and wakes Abigail. She says" "Wendy, why did you wake me up?" Wendy jumps on Abigail and suffocates her. The last word Abigail yelled was " Help!" Their mother walks in to see Abigail's corpse and Wendy holding up Abigail's flower , laughing hysterically. Then she faints and hears a man's voice saying "Say Pal, You Don't Look So Good." "You Better Find Something To Eat Before Night Comes."_________________________________________________________________________________________________What do you think?
  2. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    Can you draw... Wilson angrily chasing a Koalefant?
  3. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    Can you draw Wes and Wolfgang in a drunken bar fight?
  4. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    Can you draw... Wilson leading an army of pigs and bunnies vs Maxwell leading an army of the shadows?
  5. William Carter's memories

    "AGH! Put us down!" Webber screamed as he flailed around frantically.
  6. William Carter's memories

    "AGH!" Webber screams as he runs over to Wendy "We knew those things were bad!"
  7. William Carter's memories

    "Oh. Uh, okay! Let's get to it then. We want to get out of here as soon as possible!" Webber says cheerfully as he follows behind.
  8. William Carter's memories

    "Err, We really don't enjoy swamps. There are merms and tentacles there. Merms and tentacles don't like us spiders." Webber said nervously.
  9. William Carter's memories

    "We don't really know..." Webber says, losing enthusiasm.
  10. I enjoy watermelons. :|

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Me too brah, you're not alone.

    2. Mobbstar


      That does not justify your profile pic

  11. William Carter's memories

    The deepest darkest corners of...Deep Dark Corner Land
  12. William Carter's memories

  13. William Carter's memories

    "Let's get out of this place! Woohoo! Let's not die! Yeah!" Webber says overenthusiastically
  14. William Carter's memories

    (Dawn of the first day) (~72 Hours Remain~) "Whoop! Time for more adventure!" Webber exclaims as he quickly wakes up.
  15. William Carter's memories

    "Oh, uh... Goodnight." Webber looks around nervously. He tries to force himself to sleep.
  16. William Carter's memories

    "Whoa. We don't even know if those are real words..." Webber said in an amazed tons.
  17. William Carter's memories

    "Has anybody else noticed how weird it is that a child our age can grow a beard?" Webber jokingly says as he strokes his face.
  18. William Carter's memories

    "Who was that old guy?" Webber asks, "Was he one of your friends?"
  19. William Carter's memories

    "I'll race you back! 3 2 1 Go!" Webber says before he darts back.
  20. William Carter's memories

    After running for like, a whole minute, Webber stumbles upon a bunch of grass. "We win!" He shouts as he begins to gather the grass with his BARE HANDS!
  21. William Carter's memories

    "Grass!" Webber says as he gets on all fours, "Ready Go!" Webber sprints off at full speed, he is almost twenty feet from where he started in the first two seconds of the race. (Sanic speed breh)
  22. William Carter's memories

    "Oh, so you're coming with us?"Webber asked "Let's do something fun, then. How about a race? That sounds fun!"
  23. William Carter's memories

    "We'll go get grass!" Webber announces as he runs off in search of grass for the fire.