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  1. d Welcome to my thread! I got into the lore of Don't Starve thanks to my buddy @toki-wartoothxx. Hopefully I can get the game in the future but thanks to non-game materials like the comics and animations by Klei, I can appreciate the world building before I get to play the game itself. Steam summer sale wooohooooo Ready to play and maybe make comics and study sketches about. Such material inspired me to make art. Here's what I've drawn so far: Wilson and Pines Twins find Apophenia Lio has a Kodak moment with Maxwell William Carter's Liminality And some non-DS related art with the game style: Klei's Herbert West Don't Starve Bob, it's alright Don't let the league starve This page for my non-Don't Starve art. This page for my Oxygen Not Included art. This page for my Invisible Inc. art. This page for my Griftlands related art This page for my Hot Lava art To do list: Commission Quest: Info on Skeledork Skeledork interpretations: Comics: skeledork expressions: Art by my father Works featured on streams Update: 6-28-2016 Thread gets a updated title, hopefully it doesn't confuse things. Update: 6-29-2016 About to get the game, added a greeting. Update: 7-4-2016 Got the game, thank god. Update: 7-12-2016 To do list Update: 7-19-2016 Interpretation section Update: 8-28-2016 oc posts
  2. Henlo I always wanted to interact with the forums, I think I can fit in here I make tons of memes and the funnies. Oh, and I draw too. Known on tumblr or any other sites as DragonheadSkilax or any variant of that name. (find more art on tungle) I main Wes. Here is my dank arts:
  3. Hello! I make my return back once to the art forums for help!;-; So I'm working on a concept idea for the shopkeeper (spoilers) and I'm sort of drawing a picture to sort of get a demonstration of it. (And for fun!) So here's the first concept: Concept number one (the bad one): So not too spoil too much into my concept idea, but its suppose to show a sign of mourning, Wilson and the shopkeeper in a location mourning (in a way). I decided to make the artsyle similar to the one from turn of tides. Especially Wilson's face from this scene: Though, halfway through drawing I realised I accidentally put Wilson too high and you can see the ground which was not looking good for the picture and decided to redraw it... :/ Concept number two, (The cooler concept): I put a bit more detail and more better... things in general doing this The angle is now more upwards then ground level, there's more rain, Wilson looks more confused (I'd be confused aswell if I was standing next to a over sized man mourning) I even got the trees to look farther away,credit goes to this scene in a new reign trailer: The shopkeeper might be a little bit too tall though. :/ but the advice I'm asking for is if anyone knows how to make the scenery more... better I guess. Where it looks like an actual Don't starve animation. Any ideas?
  4. Ria's Art Book

    Ok so I realized that a couple people actually like my DS comic: Wilson meets Red. So I decided to post it here with a couple other crossover art pieces. Comic page 1: Page 2 part 1: Page 2 part 2: Comic page 3: I personally love some of Red's expressions in the first two pages XD Here are a few others I did before/during the comic. Science Machine: Carrots: Wilson's Squirrel Problem: And lastly, comic page 4: --- Fanart showcase (I know I've already posted these in my off-topic art thread but I wanted to show them here and in the ONI thread too). These will be mostly focusing on DS OCs, character interactions and related art styles. Also sorry in advance if you guys see your old art and cringe ^^;
  5. As the face of the Don't Starve games,Wilson is a bit lack luster. The only reason to play him is if your new,as most players tend to play more interesting characters. Is this a bad thing? No not at all. Wilson's purpose is to be noob friendly. However I think there is more we can add,while not getting rid of his purpose. He will not be getting any weaknesses as Wilson is meant to be appealing to newbies who don't fully understand the games mechanics. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Advantages I would like to add 2 things to Wilson,to maybe push his relevancy just a tad. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Engineering Science Wilson can now create blueprints to share with his companions Wilson can create blueprints by having a feather pencil in hand while the item and 1 papyrus are next to each other on the ground. This works similar to labeling mini signs. Wilson will get a sanity modifier of +3.33/min for 6 minutes after creating a blueprint (this effect does not stack) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scientific knowledge Wilson has immediate access to all science machine recipes. This is a perk exclusive to Wickerbottom at the moment,but this perk makes no sense to not have on Wilson as he is a scientist --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's all I have for Wilson,as I don't think he needs to be changed too much.
  6. Hi all, Here is a design that attempts to achieve the following goals from Wilson's identity : 1. Wilson is a simple character, with no downsides 2. Wilson is a scientist, likes experimenting 3. Wilson is intended as the face of don't starve, and he should be flavorful 4. Wilson is intended to be easy to get into for new players without being confusing 5. Wilson has a lot of knowledge and sanity to boot, similar to wicker 6. Wilson is a forgiving character to play 7. Wilson has to be a team player with some ability of revives (as seen in the forge) New ability : Portable Chemistry Set This is a new portable station (that Wilson can start with) which can be dropped like Maxwell book that unlocks some formulas that can be made with ingredients at the cost of sanity on use. The potions spoil in 3 days, to prevent stockpiling. Other characters can drink or use them, but cannot make them. The potions have mild support effects. 1. Heartpulse Formula 2x spider glands + 2 nitre + 30 health This formula is like a telltale heart,with bonus points reviving at 100 health instead of 50, and without booster shot needed. The downside is that it doesn't restore sanity on use, but drains 20 sanity to the person using it on a ghost Reason: as per his forge design, and the fact that new players die a lot, this would help for revives 2. Luminus Formula 2x light bulb + 2x nitre Upon consumption, makes Wilson glow, with the duration of 3x a lesser glow berry. It consumes 20 sanity on use. reason: new players usually avoid caves, and this would help them out 3. Sanity+ 4x flowers + 2 nitre Restores 30 sanity. reason: simple formula for new players that wish to spend extra nitre resources to not have to deal with nightmare creatures 4. Trinitretolleus (crafts 3) 3x nitre + 3x ashes Throwable gunpowder (like balloons) It does 59.5 damage on hit, sets targets on fire after 3 hits in short succession, and no fire otherwise. Works in an aoe. These spoil in 10 days, instead of 3, and do not cost sanity on use. Reason: for players that have issues kiting, this can help as a ranged attack with a cost of grinding. Numbers can be tweaked. 5. Brightbark Formula 1x logs + 1x nitre A fuel item that lasts as long as glommer's goop. Creates efficiency at the cost of nitre. No sanity cost on use (because it is not drank, but fuel) Let me know what you think of this approach and if you have other ideas of interesting formulas that fit Wilson's identities. Bonus: I would also add a "Use" option to Maxwell's book and the portable chemistry set, which simply drops it at your feet, to make new players understand how it is used
  7. done

  8. So the other night I was thinking that while we are getting reworks/refreshes to all characters it would be neat as Wilson is science or crafty/experimental to have him be able to reskin already made items. Example: You sleep and get a beefalo hat as a Winter's Feast gift. Wilson could build his crafting station and be able to change said crafted item to another skin that he has access to. In this case it could be like pig king hat skin from the last new year season. It's just an idea, a fun one, but would need a lot more fleshing out.
  9. I took myself a week to look at the perhaps most known character in Don't Starve Together: Wilson He's considered as the starting character because of the fact that he doesn't have any penalties, and he's the 1st character on the character list. But comparing his gameplay with the gameplay other characters make doubt about whether he should be considered as a good starting character: In my first DST games, I noticed that Wigfrid was actually a pretty good character. Sticking on veggies or fruits is pretty bad because they become unavailable as soon as winter starts. Wigfrid has access to an advanced spear & easily craftable armor which is way tougher than the Log Suit or Football Helmet. Killing spiders was thanks to her increased damage piece of cake, they provided alot of health & sanity but also dropped Monster Meat, which could be used to restore your hunger by making meatballs or eating it cooked. The lost health & sanity could be restored by fighting more spiders. She had free access to Health, Hunger and Sanity and could deal way easier with hound waves or seasonal bosses. Of course Wigfrid has penalties like low sanity or low hunger, but if you keep fighting, you'll never be able to reach low sanity as Wigfrid. The low hunger wouldn't be such a big problem if she would be able to eat veggies, but she's forced to mix her veggies with meat or to have enough meat to go. Meatballs are perhaps the best crockpot recipe for her. Her penalties are way bigger in DS: Shipwrecked (can't use coffee) or in DS: Hamlet (more veggies, less meat; can't use nettles or other foods boosting your speed). Wilson, on the other hand, does not suffer from the incapability to eat veggies. He has a 25% bigger stomach and 66.67% more max sanity. But then again his fighting abilities are way lower than Wigfrid's, making gathering food harder for him. And even if he has more sanity, he has way more problems in handling his sanity. More sanity doesn't mean less insanity: You'll be able to stay not insane for longer, but once you become insane, you'll have a hard time in restoring your sanity, because of the huge gap between min and max sanity. Right now, Wilson doesn't do his job as a starting character: Restoring health and sanity is hard as newcomers don't know how to deal with these statistics. If we take a look at his Timeline, we'll see that he had to suffer alot in the many days since he had been implemented: I asked a few Wilson players for their reason playing Wilson in Don't Starve Together, and what's their reason for not swapping to any other character: Some of them were just newcomers who were playing DST for the very first time. But still they decided to join a public server without any friends, hoping that the community will teach them everything they know about the game. Other said that they already tried to play other characters but couldn't handle their disadvantages, and that's why they're sticking to Wilson. But I'm also sure that some of the Wilsons out there did only pick Wilson because they wanted to enjoy the game by sitting in the base and contributing nothing to their team. According to them, Wilson should stay as the vanilla character, having no disadvantages and no special abilities besides his beard. Note that in this case I don't count having new crafting recipes as a special ability, they're more like considered as character exclusive items. Changing this will ruin the mood of other players, newcomers will be confused why other characters don't have the same ability as Wilson, and others will dislike it that there's no fully vanilla character available. New abilities: If we take a closer look into his beard: Beard Hair is some sort of dark magic which keeps other dark magic away from others. It's not visible to the normal character. Only the crazies have the ability to see that Rabbits and Bunnyman use Beard Hairs to keep the shadows away from them. Willow's Bernie is capable of keeping shadows away from her or any other character, if you have a closer look you'll see that he's made out of Beard Hairs too. But down in the ruins, there are way other powers available, which makes nightmares visible to everyone. Undecided: The amount of sanity Wilson gains from shaving his beard depends on the size of his beard Wilson uses his beard to keep the nightmares away from him, but only if he shaves his beard, he'll be freed from his insanity. It can be utilized in emergencies if he's in need of sanity. Wilson's Beard will grow twice as fast if his sanity drops down to 40% This ability can be seen as an improvement from two points of view: Players who are about to die from insanity will get a 2nd chance as their beard starts to grow faster, giving them easier access to Wilson's improved items. Players who are up for a bit more hardcore will become more rewarded, as they'll be able to grow more beard hairs than the average Wilson. 40% sanity equals 80 sanity: When Rabbits & Bunnyman start to transform into their dark variant. You can get up to 1.2x Beard Hair per day (9x Beard Hair after 7.5 days) if you keep your sanity low & shave only your tier 3 beard. Many players can't stay 24/7 in a server to handle the state of their beard, during winter you'll have a way to speed up the growth of your beard. But right now, his beard has almost no uses, except: Granting protection against freezing, which is only useful during Winter and Early Spring Refueling a Fire Pit or Ice Flingomatic To grant a resource which is required to craft: Meat Effigy Bernie (Willow exclusive) To make his beard more useful, he could get more recipes which require Beard Hairs: Wilson starts with 3x Beard Hair in his inventory Wilson gets his own crafting tab which contains items being improved with Beard Hair New Items: "Bearded Heart": 3x Beard Hair, 1x Cooked Meat, ? It can be used to revive dead players. The living player receives 80 Sanity, and the ghost is revived without having any of their maximum health removed, but they still keep their previous resurrection penalties. When it's about Wilson's rework, I hear many players say to give Wilson the ability to revive players like in The Forge, if they die close to Wilson for not more than 15 seconds. But that might break the game mechanics a bit: An alternative way to revive yourself quickly is to use the Life Giving Amulet, but having a Wilson nearby will prevent options like these. Players would be able to rely 100% on Wilson reviving them during fights, making Life Giving Amulets, Healing Sources, or even Armors not a requirement during fights. In most cases it's not the expert who goes down first, they're capable to dodge attacks and avoid most damage due to their experience. The newcomer on the other hand needs to learn the enemy's attack pattern and he's most commonly the one who goes down first. Forcing experts to pick Wilson just to aid newcomers is something nobody wants to see. Back in The Forge I had some games where players were told to pick Wilson to watch out for their teammates & to revive fallen allies. But a few of them didn't do their jobs: They either didn't know that their allies just died, didn't know how to revive them, or just didn't care about it. Even after telling them 5-10 times about it, they still didn't manage to revive anyone. Giving Wilson a unique item for reviving his allies without penalties is a replacement for that ability. This item acts like an alternative to the DS Meat Effigy. In DS, the Meat Effigy was a structure which kept you away from dying, in DST it's not that expensive anymore, but you do have many alternative ways to revive yourself (Telltale Heart, Touch Stone, Life Giving Amulet), and the effigy can be attuned, hammered or burned by other players. The fact that crafting this item does not take any health is because Wilson does not have any penalties in general. Undecided: You'll revive yourself if you haunt the Heart as Wilson (without the sleeping effect of the Life Giving Amulet), making this item more useful for Wilson only. Newcomers are used to do alot of mistakes (Eating Red Caps, Making Monster Lasagna, Moving next to Bunnyman while carrying meat in the inventory, Stealing a Tallbird's egg, Dying from fire during winter, etc). With this ability they'll get a 2nd chance without causing any troubles to their team. Beard Hair Roll: 3x Beard Hair, 1x Straw Roll (Keeps the psychotherapist away) The Beard Hair Roll can be used 3 times and while using it, it restores 2 Sanity/second, 1 Health/second, at the cost of 1 Hunger/second. Restoring Sanity is something where many newcomers suffer from: They don't know how to restore Sanity and in most cases they end up being chased down and killed by Terrorbeaks. This item will help them to deal with their sanity at the cost of hunger, until they find an alternate way to restore their sanity or till they manage to defeat the shadows chasing them. The reason why the Beard Hair Roll restores sanity more quickly than a Tent is again because of the magical powers of the Beard Hair, which keeps you safe from shadows. "Beard Aid Kit": 3x Beard Hair, ? It shares a similar function to that of the Healing Salve and Honey Poultice in that it is used for Health restoration, but this item heals a total of 40 health. The fact that it restores that much health is to give Wilson at least one ability which makes him better than other characters. "Beardach": 3x Beard Hair, ? Works like a headgear which restores sanity, but instead of restoring sanity it restores 1.25 Health every 30s (2.5 Health/minute) for a total of 6 days. You'll restore 20 health per day while wearing this hat, resulting in a total of +120 Health in 6 days. The Life Giving Amulet restores 80 health per day, lasts for a total of 1.25 days but it also drains your hunger while being used. This item is used to cure minor wounds with almost no cost: One Healing Salve per day. [Any word combination of nightmare treatment + Armor/Suit]: 4x Beard Hair, 1x Grass Suit, 3x Nightmare Fuel (Grants extra protection against Shadows) Acts like a Grass Suit with 225 durability which absorbs 65% of incoming damage. Against shadow creatures, it will act like an armor with X durability which absorbs 90% of incoming damage. Charlie counts as a shadow creature. Possible values for X: 315 durability against shadow creatures (Same durability as Log Suit but more protection): Combined with a head slot item with 80% protection, it will break after taking 595.00 damage (59.50 damage to the user) Without any head slot item, it will break after taking 350.00 damage (35.00 damage to the user) 450 durability against shadow creatures (armor ignores 50% of shadow creature damage): Combined with a head slot item with 80% protection, it will break after taking 850.00 damage (85.00 damage to the user) Without any head slot item, it will break after taking 500.00 damage (50.00 damage to the user) 525 durability against shadow creatures (Same durability as Night Armor but you'll take more damage): Combined with a head slot item with 80% protection, it will break after taking 991.67 damage (99.17 damage to the user) Without any head slot item, it will break after taking 583.33 damage (58.33 damage to the user) This item takes 4x Beard Hair because it's not as useful for beginners as the other items, and you get only 3x Beard Hair by shaving your tier 2 beard. One of the reasons why it requires Nightmare Fuel is to make it more understandable what to use Nightmare Fuel for. Other Ideas: I also took some time to invent some more sciency items which could be crafted by Wilson, but I would not recommend them because Wilson is supposed to be a character for beginners: Wilson is not a scientist in sort of an inventor who invents new items or has the ability to prototype items with a lower tier crafting station. He's a scientist who has been sucked into the constant to explore the world. Or in other words: An (in most cases inexperienced) Adventurer who came to check out the world and to learn the game mechanics. Giving Wilson only the ability to craft items could make him a pick-and-swap character: Use all the beard hairs you have for useful items and swap back to your old character, but there are many players out there who don't want to change from Wilson to another character, even if Wilson has nothing besides his crafting abilities. I thought about adding some other abilities to him like: Effect of healing items is increased by 25% cause he's considered as the healer by many players (actually, he's the reviver, not the healer) Gains extra sanity, health and hunger when prototyping items, because he's a scientist Other special effects for his beard (protection against rain, reduced damage from nightmare creatures, ...) But after hearing some feedback & reasons why other players play Wilson, I decided to keep these stats just like they are. I want to make Wilson better and more useful without giving him too many abilities or giving him any new cons. The abilities right now are supposed to help newcomers and to make it easier for them to survive until they learn other ways how to stay alive. I need to admit that since I discovered DST, I never ever picked Wilson as my character, except in The Forge, The Gorge (When I had to do Stone Soup 24/7 for an accomplishment), in DS (because he's the only character who can be chosen at the beginning), or when I had to make pictures for memes or anything else in a temporary server. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.
  10. This is my first attempt at drawing Wilson. I've also decided to experiment with hand and clothing folds. I'm actually really proud of this! If you guys have any constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it!
  11. fan art 2

    "The game is over and iv'e won" "now its time to start the fun.~"
  12. Their mate ventured out to sea a while ago and hasn't returned. They're just sitting on the dock now, pining for their dear one. There have been longer expeditions before, longer times apart... just not any that they can recall.
  13. Just wanted to share some art I had done <:3c This is my greatest artistic sin and I regret it even now All in all it's just a bad time for Wilson
  14. Skellington on the Island Edited by: @Arlesienne Chapter 1: Voice of the radio Once upon a Halloween, the Halloween Town awards were roaring in town hall. The Mayor was awarding the citizens of the town their talents. He congratulated their local hero, Jack Skellington, for how spectacular it was. The pumpkin king agreed to his friend, bowing with respect. Lights dimmed down as the festivities were at a close. With another Halloween almost over, the huge grand guignol of the town had turned silent(much to the skeleton's relief). Yet with that relief, a sensation nagged at the back of his skull. Needing inspiration once again. Jack headed behind the stage curtains and let his true thoughts come out as a external monologue. "Something's missing... There's got to be a way to make Halloween more hideous, more terrifying, more frightening-" He slowed out a sigh with defeat in his frustration. "This just can't go on... You've got to do better, Jack." Heading home, Jack went to sit on his bed in thought, the lack of inspiration causing him to stoop, the chin resting on his hands as the hours drifted by. Then... A odd static sound could be heard. Causing Jack to stiffen in confusion. His head turned, eye sockets widening to the sound of a radio. Hey pal... That radio Sally got me for Christmas? Jack wondered to himself as he approached it. The Voxola radio continued to make static, even to Jack's surprise of it not being plugged in. "Hello...?" Jack tried to play its game. Having trouble finding a reason for the season? "Oh. I do. Trying to find new scares. It's... Not as fun as it used to be." Jack rubbed the back of his neck with a look of regret to the floor. The radio got to him and he couldn't help but agree. I can give you that inspiration... If you'll let me. "Maybe later." Jack quickly denied, waving a hand in disagreement. "I'll think about it though." Standing up, he backed toward the door. For a master of terror, the radio really left him unnerved. He headed over to his dear friend Doctor Finklestine's laboratory to seek counsel. "A new Halloween...?" The doctor asked while gazing into his advanced microscope, multitasking as Jack's confidence came back again. "A fresh, new and improved Halloween, doctor. After last year, we can't just do the same old thing." The skeleton's sense of showmanship just sifted through. "We should all be inspired to do something different!" He walked over to Finklestine. The doctor now gazing at his examples. Yet Jack continued. "We need new scares, new ideas, new discoveries!" Finklestine cocked his head with interest. "New discoveries, eh? I think I have just the kind of thing you're talking about." The good doctor reached under his table, picking up a fairly large glass container. Its contents being something eldritch. Alive. Finklestine placed it on the table. "I call it the soul robber. Take it, Jack." Yet the creature wasn't being patient. It bounced around the container trying to be free. Jack gingerly outstretched a hand to the jar, the fingers hesitant, trying hard to be careful. The doctor pressed on. "I'm sure it will come in handy." Agreeing to the reassurance, Jack placed his hand on the lid, suddenly not finding it as difficult as he perceived it to be. Like a leech, it sprang onto his arm. Clutching tight for dear life. Jack was taken back, letting out a gasp of surprise. Yet nothing of anger, rather the opposite. Carefully, Jack swung his arm lightly around in curiosity. Taking this in all at once. Unfortunately the action of just a slight swing caused the creature to break one of Finklestine's materials from a distance. The creature jotted out to grab a item and return to Jack's wrist. "Amazing!" The pumpkin king pleasantly exclaimed at the soul robber's display. He turned to find Finklestine driving away in his wheelchair to give himself space to look at Jack. "Exactly, doctor, exactly! That settles it. I'll head out in search of more new discoveries for next year's Halloween!" The confidence just overpowered from the new batch of inspiration pouring in. Calming down, Jack took a few steps in front of Finklestine. "Doctor, please watch after things while I'm away. I just know you'll keep things in check." There was a curious smirk on the good doctor's face. "Oh... Now I'm certainly looking forward to next Halloween." He rolled away with Jack staring for a few minutes in thought. He broke free from his daze with a shaking of the head and headed for out of town. A grin from side to side as Jack just knew he was going to have a edifying experience. Running to the graveyard and onto... Spiral Hill? Someone's standing on the hill, Jack thought to himself. He stopped for a moment. Eye sockets trying to get a good look at the tall figure. Step by step, he tried to get a good look at the man standing in front of the moon. The bright round shape framing him in view like a portrait. Jack had to stop. He knew the man was staring back at him. Trying to break free from his concern, he got closer to the man. "Hello? Are you lost?" Jack asked, hoping for the man to speak. Though with just a second, the man finally moved. Head tilting with a subtle meanness to it. "No, you are..." Pal. The voice from the radio! Jack took a step back. Feeling a tingle up his spinal column. "How?" "I think you know what I mean. Loss in inspiration." The tall man walked up to Jack. Hands behind his back as though he had a regal air about him. Jack could only notice now that the man looked like a twisted reflection of himself. Thin limbs, a swallow tail coat... Jack shook his head, trying to ignore the observation. "I can give you what you want, just give me your hand." The stranger outstretched his arm out to Jack. He smirked with a cold stare. Pupils so tiny and black, it paled to the expressive wide sockets of Jack's. Yet they wouldn't look away from Jack's position. Shaking his head, Jack took some more steps back. He wasn't sure why he didn't just ignore him but the stare got to Jack. Tutting, the man in the swallowtail coat was just a few inches away. "For a man who loves fear, you're not really appreciating what I have to offer." "This is different. Not when I don't know who I'm dealing with." "True. Yet you're not listening. I can give you what you want with no consequences. Just trust me." Jack took back at the statement. Thinking back to all the times he tried to trust Lock, Shock, and Barrel. What if this was the same? Could he take this chance? "I don't know." Jack glanced down, hands turning into fists. The stranger's hand reached out again politely. "Just trust me." Within one silent minute, time slowed down, leaving separate images behind. Jack's body, stiff in the confrontation. Giving in after a while feeling longer than it really was. A shaky arm reaching out to the stranger. With uncertainty, taking the hand. Before he knew it, the shadows from the epithets and the hill stretched out to Jack. The pumpkin king tried to fight the man's grip by wrestling the arm free, but not even the soul robber could protect him. He tried to walk back to pry the hand off but the grinning stranger just stood there without even moving. Jack's eyes gazed as the shadows crawled up his body like hands, slithering up quickly to devour him. Skellington knew he couldn't escape this as he felt his body lower into the dirt, his sockets watching the grinning stranger stare down. Welcome to the shadows... Pal. To be continued... Future chapter titles and discussion.
  15. Despite the name, I don't actually draw Dexter's Lab fanart. I just go by that handle because my name is Dexter and I like science, just felt like putting that out there. So despite lacking most abilities to properly communicate, using art is one method I use to open up to a community. So here goes... something. I hope you enjoy my ability to copy the DS style almost verbatim... I can do other styles too, though, so don't worry. This little fella is a mod that I'm hoping to actually get on someday. I'm fully aware that before he goes into DST, I need to modify this image. Probably shouldn't have merged the layers. Oh well, live and learn. I doodled that shortly after finding "volleyball" in Shipwrecked's anim files. The ball's name is Rawlings. It's sentient according to the tags? Pretty ironic to have Wilson screaming about it but, yanno. Gotta draw the fave any time you can, right? "Hello barber, just f**k me up, please." "Say no more, pal." Yeah, I'm nine times out of 10 never serious about drawing. I just kind of make comics I find funny and wait for others to laugh too. Honestly though, how does one even come up with that hairdo? How do you explain it to a barber? And that's a doodle for a friend who ships Willowson. and it's totally not like i dont either noooo haha those two together is just silly don't touch me She would make an interesting mod imo. I also do photo manipulations but none of those are Don't Starve related... maybe I'll show those someday.
  16. Oh gosh, I feel like they'd do this.
  17. Greetings. I've only started playing Don't Starve (+DST) recently, but I find myself enamored with the storyline and fanworks that I've seen. I'd like to share what I draw, though I am quite new to forums and horrendous with housekeeping on social media. Nevertheless, you might find me wandering on DeviantArt (, Instagram (, and Tumblr ( For now, I'll just drop this here... I drew Triumphant Victorian Wilson for use as a profile pic.
  18. Hello there! As many of you I'm currently obsessed with "Don't Starve" and I have a few sketches of my own I would like to share. Most of the things I have drawn are (mildly) nsfw and might be posted on tumblr later on. So far here's the first thing I sketched once I stopped tracing the characters and getting used to their traits. This is the most "my style" I have adapted them. After this I actually went back and applied the original style a bit more. More drawings soon! PD: I can't draw kids, uuugh.
  19. Fanart by DeludedDaybreak

    Per the advice of some forum members, now that i'm doing art a lot more frequently, I've decided to have a common post for my work. I'll be adding tags as the subject matter of my work expands. For starters, have a blacksmith merm Winona
  20. Hi! :3 I am new to the forums,so if I do anything wrong please tell me. Anyways,I made this topic to post my not so great fan art ;u; Here's the first one: Very bad quality,I know,I know... I wanted to take a better picture,but I couldn't find the paper ;-;
  21. Just something I had on my head ever since I saw Oxygen Not Included.
  22. Hello SURVIVORS ! I work fews hours on this project : Fresco of 5 scenes (Shipwrecked) with Wendy, Wilson, a bird, Warly and Wigfrid ! ►►► Let's see here : (for a better experience, open on Chrome (computer 16/9), images need to load) Kiss and fun
  23. A series I finally completed! Couldn't complete the last one so I waited until all these were finished. I'll try to keep this thread updated with more drawings of these guys! Wilson - Bakugami (And Chester)Willow - MoegamiWolfgang - ItegamiWendy - Kabegami (Abigail - Fish)WX-78 - KazegamiWickerbottom - KasugamiWoodie - YomigamiWes - NuregamiMaxwell - Hanagami TrioWigfrid - GekigamiWebber - YumigamiWinona - TachigamiCharlie - Amaterasu (Glommer - Issun)
  24. I spent a day just selling my soul to this skin. I love you Klei. Extra awful bonus
  25. I didn't see a DST art, music, and lore anywhere, so I'll just have to post it on general. GAZE UPON HIS ADORABLE LITTLE FACE!