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HELP PLEASE - Refine rope, boards, etc.

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You unlock that stuff with research points, which are attained by putting objects into a science machine or an alchemy engine. Certain unlocks will require you to be standing by either of the two aforementioned machines.

If it seems like a crappy system to unlock things, don't worry, pretty much everyone agrees with you. It will be replaced by something else entirely in (probably) January.

Edit: You win this one, Toaster Fu.

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you need to research things, like say, monster meat ( but save that for later, it will be handy). try building a machine and stand next to it, then try hovering an item over it... and left click! the number at the top should change.

(note: the Devs are going the discard the research points Soon btw)

EDIT: i thought for sure i was first. :( no cookie for me...

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Forget monster meat, throw grass tufts (what you get along with cut grass when digging up grass with a shovel) into a science or alchemy machine. Not sure how many research points each one is worth, but I unlocked pretty much everything to craft by just researching grass tufts over and over for ages.

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even better yet, research rope, once you have it unlocked( refined materials, uses 3 grass).

Gives 27 RP, and it's entirely renewable AND it's easy to make a huge amount of them, due to the huge abundance of grass through the world. Remember, one a tuft is researched, it's gone forever, so you'll want to balance between fast and sustainable.

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10 monster meat = 120 RP

4 materials cost 30 RP each to unlock

3 grass = 9 RP or 1 rope = 27 RP


3 Monster meat = 36 RP

Unlock rope. make 4 ropes.

4 rope = 108 RP.

You've got 14 RP left over after unlocking the other refine categories, although papyrus is probably not useful for a starting player. Even Stone blocks and Boards aren't needed right away the way rope is. But the Log Suit and the Spear, plus the RP and fuel usefulness of rope suggest to me that rope should be your first unlock.

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