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Coloured Beefalo

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When I saw this topic at first I thought


until I remembered that it's thursday and that I missed Rhymes with Play again, backtracked to watch the vid, saw them showing beefalo plushes then remember the klei email I got some day(s?) ago that I hoped was a key but was really beefalo plushies. I totally support different coloured beefalo in game!!  :grin: What circumstances would we find them in? Would it be Winter and Insanity? Will I soon be feeding Beefalo all my ice gems and nightmare fuel? How do I prepare myself for the beefalo uprising?

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As i remember from two streams ago when they show all three (now there are 4?) beefalos there was:


1. original beefalo - light brown fur

2. dark brown fur beefalo - this looks like winter beefalo

3. beefalo that looks like shadow version of original with red eyes and dark fur - but little confused here that its called CHILL Beefalo - winter


4.? did @Seth mention one more beefalo yesterday? :)

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Before we got definite: "No" in stream I was hoping for albino variants of monsters. For example some ultra rare albino beefalo who isn't ever in heat stage, easy dies in summer and drops some unique item used for other rare stuff which doesn't much impact main game but is nice boost/colectable/trophy.

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