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  1. this also happens when you turn into werewillba while trying to plant berry bush
  2. As far as the "adventurers" you need to remember the greatest ethnograph known in the field: Bronisław Malinowski. While there is no W in his name, he had a friend Ignacy Witkiewicz - Witkacy, who accompanied him at the begining of his journey to Melanesia as a photographer and sketcher.
  3. Well, the point is, worldgen is better but still far from perfect. The worst one is probably iron hulk biome as it mixes with everything creating little chaos similiar to RoG when you set everything on max in worldgen.
  4. After the update Werewillba can eat food out of the cursor, but she still can't ingest posion gland this way.
  5. B-but what about the whip? Is world generation also considered the performance enchancement? It's better than it used to be but I still experience strange things like tiny deep jungles mixed with that thunderbird biomes or ruins close to each other.
  6. His blooming form still looks bad, but it's waaaay better than the orginal. Now we need a decent font, and more polished mechanics and we are good to go.
  7. there was no ™ next to soon, so probably not that long.
  8. Ok, I'm pretty sure that the colors were the main issue with him. Though his blooming form is ridiculous anyways. I'd rather have "totally normal tree-boy" oozing with nightmare fuel.
  9. Duh. I just used an opportunity to repeat my opinion that wormwood looks lame.
  10. Isn't that the issue with space-clicking, like it uses 2x the durability when pressing space as oposed to when you chisel with mouseclick.
  11. I'd rather play as snapdragon than wormwood, though they look related. Did you guys check for the wormwood interactions with green gems?
  12. With the new Wilba you can storm ruins day one/two. If you pick up enough food in advance you won't starve doing that. Can't chisel stuff but you can smash pots, also the best loot is in the hidden rooms anyways.
  13. Since we naturally flown onto the topic of QOL, could you share with us official KLEI stance on implementation of the whip in the Hamlet? Or more seriously, are you guys even considering it? It could be nice to hope for that low % chance of aoe stun in the DLC which is about them mob swarms.
  14. When you revert from werewilba form while losing hp (starving/poison) the client will crash and generate bug. I have sent it via game client, but just after some playtesting I was able to specify the issue.