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  1. Universal Blueprint Shops.

    Yeah, I get more or less what you propose. An shop in which you can create a blueprint that would allow you to craft SW/ROG/HAM specific items/scrutures everywhere. I think this could work by making a tab in crafting menu similiar to the one that appears in slanty shanty - you need to enter the shop in order for it to appear, and, you could "craft" blueprints with oincs. My idea, which is based on yours, is simplier - shop like the other pig shops but selling blueprint item. The twist is the blueprints would be for things that you can't create without buying the blueprint (similiar to boundle wrap which you can only get after using blueprint dropped from queen mant / bee). So by rare I mean just items/structures difficult to obtain that can't be crafted simply by building alchemy engine/shadow manipulator.
  2. How could you ommit known and loved whip aka tail o' three cats?
  3. Universal Blueprint Shops.

    I don't mind that, as it's unlikely that we would get enough items to fill an entire new shop.
  4. Werewilba bug

    this also happens when you turn into werewillba while trying to plant berry bush
  5. Maybe they ran out of ideas or have other priorties? Leaving him as is kind of economical idea.
  6. set pieces

    This also sounds cool. The only way I can imagine it, is placing a structure that may only be destroyed by explosion on the water biome, and using said structure to cut you off of some part of the map. But then a coconade would work too.
  7. Universal Blueprint Shops.

    Nice idea, but I'd like even more is blueprint shop that sells blueprints for something you can only craft by purchasing said blueprints. So, like, more rare items I guess. Something in between harpoon in SW and items crafted at ancient ruins.
  8. As far as the "adventurers" you need to remember the greatest ethnograph known in the field: Bronisław Malinowski. While there is no W in his name, he had a friend Ignacy Witkiewicz - Witkacy, who accompanied him at the begining of his journey to Melanesia as a photographer and sketcher.
  9. With all the respect, the fact that you main a character that is objectively difficult to play (in comparison to others) by itself doesent mean that you have extensive knowledge about all the characters (which you might have) or are immune to being biased in some way. If you guys are really interested in determining which character is powerful and which one is not, you need to define what powerful means in the context of the research, then do a verifiable test involving large pool of players who would play and become evaluated based on chosen criteria, related to the definition of power described at the begining of the research. Then we will end up with objective data. The question is, is it really worth the time and resources needed? I enjoy spouting my opinion though.
  10. No sweaty, what I wrote means that every character that isn't Willson, Willow or Wes is easy-mode.
  11. Everyone other than Willson, Willow or Wes are easy-mode characters. Fight me.
  12. Well, the point is, worldgen is better but still far from perfect. The worst one is probably iron hulk biome as it mixes with everything creating little chaos similiar to RoG when you set everything on max in worldgen.
  13. After the update Werewillba can eat food out of the cursor, but she still can't ingest posion gland this way.
  14. B-but what about the whip? Is world generation also considered the performance enchancement? It's better than it used to be but I still experience strange things like tiny deep jungles mixed with that thunderbird biomes or ruins close to each other.
  15. Why we need merged crafting.

    i puked a little.