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  1. Moving base to Herald Island?

    If it were possible to use telelocator staff and telelocator focus in HM, you could just place the focus focus near the clock to travel there when it starts. And spend rest of the time gathering purple gems.
  2. Is world generation considered bugged/unfinished? What I mean is: tiny biomes mixed together, 2 ruins enterances next to each other, general way how early-access world looks like...
  3. So when you craft campfire over one of this burned circles near the robot parts in HM, there are two problems: weird graphic glitch and you cant interact with it whatsoever.
  4. Oh my bad. Seems like I don't like them enough to remember their name, but still cool creature. Beefalo riding might lead to getting that whip that let's you stun enemies...

    Congratulations, you made me start the game.
  6. One eyed deers and mushrom farms, perhaps? I just want to look at the deers, one of my favorite creature designs since smol birb.
  7. Thanks Jason. I was afraid I'd end up being unable to play SW, while all I want is to shoot my blunderbuss at seals instead of thelucete clubbing them like some barbarian.
  8. So, let me use update hype and ask this: If I start new HM world is there a way to travel to SW? Or the only way to have SW connected is to start there and travel to HM?
  9. It's easy to hunt dungbeetles with Willbur speed. Catching birds is easy thanks to plop-throw. On the other hand it's still annoying to use excess feces as fuel because of autoequip, and throwing plop back at pigs who just paid you for cleaning the street doesen't do anything, wich might hurt your morale IRL.
  10. Red/Orange Mant

    What about Zeb(ber)? Can't wait for the first character with name starting with Z, and the 2nd with different letter than W (Frogger is still my favorite character ).
  11. There was nothing wrong with his old quotes, the only thing weird is him being this tan. Only uneducated manchildren would want to censor him.
  12. So, am I the only person who thought that it's some weird bird sculpture, not mant? The middle section looks like a beak.
  13. After mining coral reef until depletion I can't hammer it down. The option is there but whenever I try it regardless of the boat type, character acts like he can't get close enough to the reef. Haven't been able to hammer it down in a single playthrough.
  14. Glad that's working like intended. Wouldn't that make sense to make magnyfing glass craftable in all the worlds? But then again, finding pig artifact in SW might be weird.