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  1. This week I re-installed and played DST for the irst time in a while on this 64 bit computer, and I kid you not, my first 2 drops were the exact same thing: Threadbare clothing. Weird eh? too bad I dont play Wes and htey don't give that much mons XD But I'll take it anyways. 

  2. Hey nome! I found somebody's Indie game website that happens to be called Nome, it looks pretty neat! Just thought you might like to know. :) 

    1. DatShadowJK


      That game looks decent xD

  3. Am real humon. Am not faceless robot. Am have feelings too.
  4. When I was really young, my favourite was The Land Before Time. Mum said she could just play it and it would keep me quiet. XD I remember seeing the books in the school library when I was either in Middle school or High school, but I think I couldn't find the first one, and so I just never took any out and forgot about it again. XD I was not very dedicated.
  5. Thanks mate :> I don't entirely get it but thanks. This gives me life <3 That's the first movie I remember watching in a theater. I vaguely remember the movie tickets coming from a cereal box. Great things used come from cereal boxes. Like free computer games.
  6. Here's my contribution to reviving/killing the thread: The most interesting Gentlemanly Scientist in the World. I couldn't really think of a good caption. I wish it was more savage. XD Any of you got anything better? I don't always listen to the radio But when I do, it gives me forbidden knowledge.
  7. Hopefully because you enjoy doing it? (°ヮ°)?
  8. Oh goodness I forgot about that! XD there's just so many pages of memes. Thank you for enriching my day.
  9. Sounds like a proper medical procedure to me! Also here is another monstrosity >:) I will probably be done editing Wilzon after this. Probably. No promises.
  10. That face reminded me of Toriel from the Underpants True Ending animation. I then decided to stick her face on Wilzon. Here you go. :>
  11. Thank you for your transparent! :> Wilson fits right in.