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Trailer for DST

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 Most of big updates and RoG got their trailers and I'm sure there will be one for DST as well after it's done.

Just think about it: Wilson building Wilson's Door (like Maxwell's Door but more "Wilsony") just like from puzzle comic. Other characters coming out and then some nice scene of them trying to survive. In the end there could be a fighting scene with Deerclops.

 Or maybe it will be just showing some of features it brings to DS world, like ghosts.


 How do you think it would look? :)


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Well, thats basicly the same game but multiplayer, believe me im hyped as much as you, maybe even more, but trailer is just not needed..



Not needed, but desperately wanted, just to see another awesome trailer (the one for "Strange new powers" was sooo cool).


But indeed, I don't think a video will be made.


What are you saying?! It's like telling me that hats in TF2 are not needed, that DS doesn't need Chester, that YouTube doesn't need subscribtions!

Every major update (and RoG of course) has gotten it's trailer so tell me what is DST if not another major (if not gigantic) update?


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