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  1. Wera the Entusiastic Gardener

    "Veganism - the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, as well as following an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of sentient animals." Know your language, @Milltown!
  2. Version 1.3


    Description This mod adds Wera to your game. She's basically an all around character, taking advantage from her weather resistance and expert crop management she had little problem with preparing for longer trips and surviving them. Unfortunately there's some stuff she won't eat no matter what, so better check her food before going anywhere! Stats -Health - 175 -Hunger - 150 -Sanity - 150 Perks & Cons Marked as spoiler in case you want to experience the character without knowing what you're getting into... Mod's Features -Custom art, portraits and icons -Custom character strings -Custom character sounds -Compatible with both Vanilla and RoG Notes -This is my first custom character so if you encounter any bugs please let me know. I want her to be enjoyable to play, without stupid glitches, typos, etc. -Special thanks to Dragon Leo Wolf for the Extended Sample Character Mod, and helping me with compiling afterwards! -If you're experiencing trouble with downloading this mod it's also available from Steam Workshop here! -If you have some ideas about the mod and you would like to share them, you can leave your thoughts on the Official Mod Thread here! Known Issues -None To Do -Make DST compatible
  3. Starving alone is much worse than starving together... I think

  4. Done. Now we wait for results
  5. Creating a translation using the PO Format

    Yep, don't worry. I have the same problem. I'm also making polish translation and can't see any progress when opening the game. I'm not using any polish characters or symbols, so it shouldn't be a problem... Please help! EDIT: I've solved it somehow. Thanks all