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Wallpapers and other "media"


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Hello everyone


SO i'm searching for any media for any Klei game but since i am here mostly Don't Starve. I try to search forums but nothing. I was also first time in "downloads" here lol - didn't know about this one but yeah no outside game media. Also scroll down on Klei FB but nothing.


What i have found, mostly from Klei sites:

- 1 Invisible Inc. wallpaper

- a lot of Shank 2 wallpapers

- Shank 2 soundtrack

- Shank 2 comic

- a lot of Mark of the Ninja wallpapers

- Mark of the Ninja ringtones! - KLEI seriously you are awesome

- couple Don't Starve posters - from updates (but i'm sure not all)

- NO Don't Starve wallpaper at all???

- on reddit some unofficial wallpapers, maybe few from Klei but i don't know, mostly not in full size


What i want:

- first of all that Don't Starve Together wallpaper!!

- Don't starve wallpapers - any, official, full size

- maybe iPhone (mobile) wallpapers? - i really don't know what exist

- ANYTHING that is from Klei and their games


What will i do with all of this:

- put it on every screen i stumble on

- of course i will rearrange everything and share it with you :)

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For the rest:



And don't forget the Klei Store!



I'm not sure if there is a place that lists all cannon Klei collaboration via ANYTHING outside of purchases, but @JanH, can you answer that for our Original Poster here? 

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@the truthseeker

- yeah i have that first you posted but that is unofficial right?

- i downloaded all from that thread but its not complete


- Klei store? I didn't see any media in there ... you mean pictures from products?



Each Update had is own poster

(Great times... :,) )

I have all those posters - at least i think i have




I clean everything up and post what i have and what i don't and maybe i can upload it somewhere so someone can check if everything is where it belongs :)


But if someone from Klei can post here some info about this that could be awesome .)

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SO i put together everything i could find and uploading it right now. I will post [dropbox] link when its done - 500mb and my upload speed is super low. I will update that link every time i add something to my collection. Everything in there was free somewhere in past on klei site or newsletter. For example Shank soundtrack is there (found it on Klei site) but i will not add Don't Starve soundtrack since this one is on steam for $. If someone find there anything else that is non-shareable or secret i can cut it out.


Shank 1

- i find only some "wallpapers" from your awesome art guy on his tumblr


Shank 2

- all wallpapers from shank site and also some art from 

- soundtrack

- comic

- papercraft


Mark of the Ninja

- all wallpapers from Klei site

- ringtones


Invisible Inc.

- 3 art or wallpapers from updates = first one [PWR play] is not in full res :(

- 1 wallpaper = there is only one?


Don't Starve

- GOG bonus stuff - 10 avatars and 4 wallpapers

- couple posters from Jeff Agala tumblr

- couple awesome unofficial wallpapers from deviantart

- RoG and Steam trading cards wallpapers


- only few posters from updates i find on don't starve site that are in full res - HUGE resolution

- 20 posters (wiki) from updates (there was 21 updates acording to wiki right?) = missing first one for "Enter the Gobbler"

- 1 poster that could be from that first update but i dont know - need help here - there is wilson info on it


- 10 wallpapers from updates (klei newsletter) = missing those other 11?

- 2 wallpapers that looks like from updates but i don't know from which one - maybe little help here


- i rename all those files as "need sorting.*"



DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/adpah6bbgepngw0/AABKSFvePlZ-rP1CFtMzX1oAa?dl=0

- you can look into all folders right now or download it all as a zip






@ThePreChewedTree sorry man i didnt saw your post O.o and yeah i heard about those but didn't see them :( i guess it would be too much to ask to share them with me? I didn't backed Chester kickstarter because i couldn't but i support it any way i could that time.



@truthseeker i find original of that picture you posted and its from one guy on deviant art ... included in those files with his name + more of his work


BTW i found post from @JanH ... is this still happening? I love to add those files to my collection .)


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@t0panka -- Amazing job hunting these down!!  You dug some up that I was missing from my collection -- thank you very much!  My turn to return the favor as I have a few you're missing.  Also, check the thread below for links to more art from some of the puzzles that are missing from your archive:




I also have an archive of rips I made of any of Klei's trailer videos that have new animation and art in them, which are great for dumping frames from for wallpaper.  Currently running a batch of framedumps right now actually. :grin:  If you want 'em I can zip them and stick them on my Mega locker for you.







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@the truthseeker yeah i know about this one ... in my link there is GIF version of this poster (yeah moving) from Jeff Agala [Klei art guy with magic fingers]


@Red Queen thanks for that link. I add all pictures i can find from puzzles to folder. Im little new to this puzzle stuff (looks amazing and also WOW so deep - Klei never stops amazing me!) so thats why i put question mark at the end of folder "Puzzles" :-)


Thanks for that QR code too - added and also i had these two pictures but i thought they are not from Klei or?



AND i add PAPERCRAFT from forum member MuzluSut. He just send it to me. There is Pig house, Ice Box, Tent and some hats. Looks amazing! ALL file are there - check them out!


EDIT 1: link is the same - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/adpah6bbgepngw0/AABKSFvePlZ-rP1CFtMzX1oAa?dl=0

EDIT 2: + one more Invisible Inc wallpaper

EDIT 3: i fix folders in updates of Don't Starve as it should be - there are 19 updates with probably first or base update is Enter the Gobbler which don't have poster/wallpaper.

EDIT 4: i add couple DS wallpapers, artwork from Steam trading cards for Eets, Shank 2, MotN, DS and Steam backgrounds for Eets, Shank 2 and Don't Starve

Also find that Don't Starve Together "wallpaper" but it's only in 1200x675 so not full res (from DS web)



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So i manage to get my hands on "Klei's gift" (sadly without papercraft so i want these too) - that is the digital reward for kickstarter backers but i'm not adding these files to my collection yet until @JanH confirms that these files are still for public release (he say so in this post: http://forums.kleien...ables/?p=482543 ) and i hope it does since there are some awesome files .)


Also big thanks to @JoeW for full resolution of poster for first Invisible Inc. update - so all 4 poster/wallpapers are in my collection!


Link to my collection is still the same: https://www.dropbox....CFtMzX1oAa?dl=0

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The digital art rewards were exclusive to backers of the KickStarter campaign and they were not available to the public for some time. However, we do have another Klei Store update coming in the near future that will most likely include the digital art rewards; though we don't have a specific date on when that's going to be. As always, stay tuned to the Klei Store Newsletter for updates on upcoming Klei Store additions!

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