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  1. Generally, missing strings error message pops up if the computer's graphics and/or audio drivers are out-of-date. Please ensure that your graphics card and audio drivers have been updated with the latest drivers. These are normally downloadable from the manufacturer's support/download website.
  2. Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the game. Please see our troubleshooting guide for solutions to just about every issue that won't allow you to play the game.Should the issue persist, please let us know.
  3. Can we get you to download and run the attached file below - this will reset your game's graphical settings to their default values. Should the issue persist after running the file - let us know and we will investigate further. OxygenNotIncluded_ResetSettings.reg
  4. Checking your log, it looks like you are currently running an outdated version of the game (Ver. 1.00 iOS). You can download the latest updates for Don't Starve: Pocket Edition from your Purchased Apps section on the App Store. Should the issue persist after installing the latest updates, please let us know.
  5. Hey there, we noticed that your GPU's drivers have not been updated since 2015. Please visit Intel's support/drivers site to download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card.
  6. On today's SLICK/KLEI Art Stream, Jesse will be drawing more Don't Starve Together fan art (from Slick's perspective) in addition to his searing hot art tips and blindfolded drawing. As always it will be a two-hour show starting at 4:00 PM (PDT) on Slick Entertainment's Twitch Channel. Where is it? On Slick Entertainment's Twitch Channel here:https://www.twitch.tv/slickentertainmentinc Times 4:00 PM PDT (Pacific Standard Time) 11:00 PM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) Here's a handy tool to figure out what time that means for you:http://www.worldtimebuddy.com Spread the word!
  7. When you close a game, your Steam client syncs automatically as long as the Steam Cloud Synchronization option is enabled. First off, please ensure that you are logged into the same Steam account where you played the game previously. From there please ensure that Steam Cloud synchronization is enabled for Don't Starve: Go to your Steam games library and right-click on Don't Starve; choose "Properties" The "Properties" window will pop-up; click on the "Updates" Tab; Check "Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization for Don't Starve" and click on "Close."
  8. Hey folks, this is definitely odd. Could you please provide us with your log.txt file as well as your save file - we will investigate this further. You can find the log file in \Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\log.txt And your save file in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\save\survival_N (where N represents the save file slot number)
  9. Hey there, could you try disabling or removing the mods to see if that makes a difference. With mods disabled and/or deleted, if the issue persists, please send us your log.txt file and we will investigate further. Log.txt is in your documents folder at \Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve
  10. Hey there, the Thermal Upgrade update is not yet available on the live version of the game. If you would like to test it out before the live release, you can do so by following the steps here:
  11. Um

    Please see our networking and performance troubleshooting guide for resolutions to this: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1941750-network-and-performance-troubleshooting-guide
  12. It looks like your game is having trouble connecting to our servers. Please see our connection troubleshooting guide for resolutions to issues with connections: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1813164
  13. In addition to what Zillvr has provided, please ensure that your audio drivers have been updated to the latest version. Out-of-date drivers may cause issues with various software. Also, it may also be that any change to your option settings are not saved due to your Windows User Account not having the proper administrative permissions. Here's how to check: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-check-if-your-windows-10-account-is-administrator/
  14. Changed Status to Closed
  15. Please see our networking and performance troubleshooting guide for possible resolutions for the reported issue: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1941750-network-and-performance-troubleshooting-guide Should the issue persist, please try disabling and/or deleting then unsubscribing your mods to see if that resolves the issue.