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  1. Jamie (Klei boss) said in stream that after ANR they will continue with updates for DST so no worries guys. IMO DST is Kleis most popular game and with skins and everything they should make pretty penny to continue updates although more skins are needed! (not the old rose collection)
  2. So you rather want Rose Wilson than Young or Mad scientist Wilson?
  3. At this point do we even want Rose collection? IMO it has been already way too long and Klei should rather release some proper and cool looking collection and keep Rose to tencent or whoever. If they release it there wont be any hype we usually do because we seen all of it already like 6 months ago (maybe even more?). Seriously it is old news. With this going on we have nothing to look forward because rose collection is still not here and we already know what we get next - it will be probably at the end of ANR beta so this could be another month or so. Do you want new collection or rather get old Rose one?
  4. @ImDaMisterL havent i seen you mention you run 8.1? Thats like new version of Vista man @2Birdie if you have enough power/RAM you could run win 10 as virtual desktop. I did it on my Mac for DST when it was only for win at EA release .)
  5. 谢谢你展示你的智慧
  6. Don't trade with this guy!!! He is "that sickness we don't have cure for yet" No way you gonna come here and try crap on our community buddy
  7. @Chris1488 tried it and he said that skin is changing sounds too!
  8. I would rather delete them from inventory than put all of them on market. [click on item -> put the price on it -> YES Steam i agree to your dictatorship rules -> open app -> confirmations -> click on shirt -> confirm] x1000 I burned them in Inn. Not worth it at all
  9. to not get those stormcloud gray hand covers WORTH IT! .)
  10. Little bit of stats: - it took me a week to get 1000 shirts - it cost around 50€ - it took me around 20 min to double-click all 1000 shirts, Steam gave me error and crashed - it took me another 20 min to double-click them again in browser and the page was crazy slow - my shoulder joint gave me error too and it still hurts a little (this is weird) - my mouse life is -4000 clicks - i din't get those hand covers but @nome was impressed
  11. IMO Klei should time those updates to be released EXACTLY after stream. That way everyone would watch stream because after that new goodies in game
  12. You know what country i am from. Its the one under yours. Tell me then what is special about our new year. @Chris1488 i hope it is really soon and not like before. 01:44am here already :/
  13. There is deep philosophy in Chinese new year and also it is much more sophisticated. Our new year is just different number and drinking like retards