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Tallbird loophole...


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So, I'm having a hard time with Tallbirds at the moment... When they stop chasing you, tallbird will go back to their nest... in a straight line. The only way I found of getting rid of a chasing tallbird ( considering I don't want to kill it ) is to enter a path with a nice angle so it'll get stuck on the ledge. On my last attempt this failed and I had to drag the tallbirds down an island and they eventually gave up. Problem is, they are stuck there. Since they are trying to get to their nest in a straight line and the path between island is a diagonal, they keep moon walking on the ledge. I tried to get close to them, they do that taurus thing, but they turn around and keep moon walking. If I attack them to get them to follow me, they'll kill my baby bird and of course, you all know how unfortunate that would be.

1. Am I doing something wrong? post-2147-13764589636335_thumb.jpg

2. Considering the tallbirds don't respawn, shouldn't they make sure they don't leave their island at least?

3. Could they change their AI so they can get back to their nest from everywhere?

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I believe the tallbirds now respawn (though I don't know what their timer is), so if they're stuck on terrain, you should be able to kill them without any lasting consequences.

yeah they do,ive killed them multiple times and they always re-spawn.

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I don't know about you, but I'd love to see a gif of a moonwalking Tallbird. In any case, with the fact that they respawn, you may have accidentally found out a good way to farm Tallbirds. Hit them once or twice, kite them to a bridge, have then get stuck, then whack at then until they die. Because they would have already taken damage from one or two hits, they should be able to go down before they attack. Maybe.

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